We interrupt your normally scheduled content to bring you a healthy and vibrant dose of couture direct from Paris. Yes, the couture season of January has arrived, dropping a huge amount of glamour directly onto our Instagram feeds.

The Mens schedule through January gave way to the couture schedule, with show-stopping moments, and collections. With huge highlights from brands such as Victor and Rolf who created a twitter meltdown with their meme-worthy dresses. The couture shows feature the beautiful hand made one-off pieces that cost thousands. Which give us chills. Some of the other shows were can be overlooked but we think they were equally as amazing.

Enter ZIAD NAKAD, a collection inspired by the constellation Orion.

Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous and recognisable constellations in the night sky. It was named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology.

From the Orion, Ziad Nakad picks a star after star and magically transforms it into an extravagant piece that brightens the starless nights with gleaming silver and shimmering gold.

Just like a sky hunter, Ziad blends heavenly bodies motifs with star-shaped patterns and creates a constellation of dresses. Orion is a large hand that tosses diamond dust onto bare lands, a creative mind that scatters moondust and fills the sky with sparkling flickers. Orion simply dazzles. As did this collection.

We are no fans of hyperbole at PlusMinus Magazine, but each and every garment was a true treat for the eyes.

With bountiful embellishments of sequins, precious stones, feathers and so much more. This was a stellar show, with every dress an epic win.

The colour palette used was a delightful mix of pastels, champagnes, blacks and stunning lunar blue. The colour play in the collection was epic, with sublime ombre’s, floral embellishments, and feathers festooning skirts and sleeves.

We must talk about the designs, which were out of this world, perhaps in a galaxy far far away. As always we have to be honest, when it comes to smaller brands on the schedule, we don’t expect this level of technicality. We are talking split skirts, puff sleeves, major sculptured skirts, feather details and a masterful display of draping skills.

These dresses would not be out of place in an Ellie Saab, Gucci or Chanel show. This is the level of expertise showcased in this collection, and we are obsessed. The night sky and constellations are a prominent theme throughout the embellishments, which give a sublime delicate nature to the entire collection.

This is a classically elegant collection that screams class and sophistication. With awards season well and truly upon us, we could see any of these dresses on the nominees, stealing the show and all the awards.

Nakad took us out of this world with this couture collection, but it seems we do not have to travel to the stars to see them, as this collection gave us everything we needed down on earth.