It’s no surprise that gin is still sitting comfortably on top as one of the most sought after drinks in the streets of London, especially when paired with a good quality tonic and a slice of choice. There’s very little that can compete with the refreshing and sophisticated taste – especially now that the summer is in full swing.

Last year there was a boom in virgin and non-alcoholic cocktails hitting the market as we switched to lighter and healthier drink choices, both at home and on the town. And it seems brands took note of this need because they’ve started to rethink the way that they produce and sell their products. The good news: You can expect to see lighter, health-conscious products landing on the shelves over the next couple of months in time for the late summer parties. As if we needed another excuse…

We’re super excited for the recent collaboration between Brighton Based Channel 4 Presenter Stacie Stewart of How to Lose Weight Well and Caorunn Gin, the contemporary Scottish gin that has depth in every drop. Stacie, who is the founder of Eat Naked Deli in Brighton and ex MasterChef contestant, has come up with a refreshing selection of natural tonics for gin and health conscious fans alike, who crave natural goodness, vitamins and vitality from their drinks.

Healthy cocktails by Carounn Gin

Stacie and Caorunn understood that a balanced diet is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle, and that we shouldn’t restrict ourselves from indulging occasionally. Now, there’s a mindset we like.

Each tonic has been created with this in mind and combines home-made, fresh and easily sourced local ingredients that pair perfectly with the refreshingly different taste of Caorunn, which is dry and crisp on the tongue with fresh and floral undernotes. You can find the immune system boosting (yes really) Red Apple Rose, cleansing Fresh Mint Zing, digestion enhancing Zest and Honey and fat burning Citrus Cooler in their new collection.

And if that already sounds too good to be true, maybe we shouldn’t add that they also contain added antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help relax the body, boost collagen and strengthen hair and nails, as well as calcium and iron for digestion and metabolism boosting amino acids.

Stacie told us:

“Caorunn is mastered to perfection with depth in every drop, hand-crafted and infused with five foraged natural botanicals from Speyside Hills (including dandelion, heather, coul blush apple, boy myrtle and rowan berry) really inspired me, as there is already so much goodness in these organic ingredients. There are so many benefits of using natural ingredients, most importantly, the incredible taste. I always try to encourage people to eat natural ingredients where possible”

Why not check out the recipe for one of our favourite tonics from Stacie’s recent collaboration below or head over to Caorunn Gin to find the rest. G+T’s ALL ROUND!

The Zest and Honey healthy cocktail by Carounn Gin

 The Zest and Honey

Glass: Vintage martini glass. 
50ml Caorunn Gin
10g Manuka Honey
Juice of 1 Lemon
Dash of water

Method: In a shaker with ice, combine Caorunn with the Manuka honey, a dash of water and the juice of 1 lemon. Shake hard and strain into a martini glass.