Hot on the heels of Graduate Fashion Week, this off schedule show is one of the best. When it comes to graduate collections, we adore the freedom and flair. No designer ever gets to spend SO much time on one collection, so the attention to detail is truly next level.

There was so much to see, decadence, innovation, and delicate style. This was truly the future of fashion. Keep reading to see our picks from the Winchester School of Art Graduate Show.

Qiuhan Wang

There was an incredibly delicate nature to this structured and intricate menswear collection. We loved the layering of all the fabrics, with some parts almost sheer, it was so clear that this has been a lao of love. There was bold statements though, with rich pink ruffles on a shirt we would die for.

This was an incredibly well balanced, and desirable collection.

Songyi Gu

This collection was SO exciting. The bold prints, the incurably shaping, the layering, the ruffles, we could go on. This was another collection that was styled on men, but is truly genderless. We know for a fact that we would all look amazing in that suit with tulle skirt detail.

It is so hard not to fixate on this collection, as it is truly amazing!

Grace Robin

This menswear collection was full of knitted beauties, which in reality are completely genderless. We are very much on board as we would happily wear the lot. Delicate knitted patterns and shapes featured across a set of incurably covetable pieces.

We loved the draping and shaping that made this soft material bold and desirable.

Rosie Caldwell

How we loved this modern rodeo cowgirl collection. It is no bad thing that we caught a whiff of Ganni, because that is exactly what fashion wants right now. That puff shoulder dress in white is to die for and we could easily see that on any fashion week attendee.

This was just mega-smash after mega-smash, a really wonderful collection.

Ellis Chen

Gosh this collection really had an impact the minute it stepped onto the runway. The shapes of the pieces were bold, but not overstated. There were clothes we could all wear, we loved the floaty dress under a waistcoat. The cape was divine, and we all love a statement trouser.

Who doesn’t love a red moment, wearing one colour head to toe gives a luxe vibe, a win win. This was a standout for us.

Dzhansel Alil

Saccharine is oft used as an adjective for over sweet, and slightly negative. Well Dzhansel Alil was incredibly sweet, but all natural. The sweetness of the collection was balanced with incredible silhouettes, with oversized exaggerated shapes.

We loved the see-through nature of the dresses contrasted with the form and function of the garments. They looked wearable and fun, which is perfect to make it to market.

Keyan Liu

This collection at first glance seemed lovely and straight forward. However, the more we looked the more we saw. The print clashing that is at work in this collection is masterful, using florals and bold stripes and ginghams.

This is a fresh and exciting take on digital print manipulation that we haven’t seen for a very long time!