Fashion is a fickle friend we all have evergreen pieces that never leave our sides, watching trends come and go. Yet every now and then a trend item catches our attention, and just like that song, gets stuck in our heads. This season the thing going around our heads on repeat is the white fur gilet, faux of course.

This marmite item has been silently trending, with more and more notice being taken by the Plus Minus team. It has reached its tipping point for us sartorially and we are going in. Clogging up our Pinterest boards and our saved section in Instagram we cannot get enough of this wonderful winter look.

We are fully on board with the white fur gilet, are you? Well to help you decide we have compiled some styling tips to help you rock the white fur gilet.

Wear over a coat

Got a thin coat that on super cold days doesn’t quite seem to cut it? Well, the white fur gilet is your saviour. Maximise the cosy by adding a gilet to your coat look. Allowing you to tackle the coldest of days in the Arctic or just a trip up your local high street. Be careful that your furry friend doesn’t shed, or perhaps pick up a lint roller just in case.

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Belt it over a long jumper

Sounds obvious, but this is a killer look for autumn winter. Pick out your favourite oversized jumper, perhaps a roll neck if you want to be extra toasty. Put on your gilet and add a belt, and suddenly you have got the cosiest outfit. Add leggings if the temperature is below zero, otherwise, tights and knee-high boots will be more than plenty. Go wild and add a hat and sunglasses and you are glam to go.

Add it to your shirt and jeans combo

Want to transition your trusty shirt and jean looks from autumn? Well adding a white fur gilet into the mix will take this outfit from stylish to a toasty trend look. Play with print and colour; tartan and checks will be perfect bedfellows with your gilet.

White on white on white

Wearing one colour head to toe is undeniably chic, and why not cash in on this trend with your gilet. White jeans and your box-fresh trainers paired with a white cashmere sweater and your trusty white gilet will make you the envy of everyone.

Over Active wear

Heading to the gym? Take your somewhat casual ensemble to the next level. If you want to ramp up the style as well as the fitness levels then throw a white fur gilet over your gym kit. This will give you ultra ski bunny vibes that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

However, you wear your white fur gilet, make sure that it is faux fur. We are a big fan of fashion being cruelty-free, we want to look stylish, but not at the cost of animals.