We’re not sure if we should ask this, but here we go: How much time do you spend on your phone every day?

Ouch. Yep, we felt that twang of guilt too.

Well now there’s a way to ease that pain (a little). Ethical mobile provider, TPO (The People’s Operator), donate 10% oif its customers’ phone bills to good causes. That means every post, call and text is helping your chosen charities, as you decide on which bar to head to this weekend!.

I think we can all agree that TPO and their customers are doing their bit. But what about the rest of the country?

How charitable are you?

With UK charities taking a hit in recent years, TPO carried out a poll to investigate why. Here’s some of the most revealing findings:

London isn’t the most charitable city

Or in the top 5, for that matter. We were beaten by Southampton, Belfast, Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh.

But it wasn’t the least charitable either

Taking the bottom five spots were Portsmouth, Sheffield, Bristol, Cardiff and Newcastle.

The most popular charities are those for adult illness

We’d love to say we find this one surprising but, given that 62% of people would give to a charity that had affected them personally, it’s no real shock.

50% of people say they could be giving more

Whether you’re in that half of the population or not, giving to charity might be easier than you think.

TPO’s SIM only contracts start from £7.99 for a 4G plan with 1GB of data and 500 minutes. Best of all, you can choose a charity to donate 10% of that money to, so you can give back to a cause you care about without spending more.

1 in 10 people don’t give to charity

If you’re one of the 10%, is there something you could be doing?

TPO has already raised £400,000 thanks to its socially conscious customers. Find out more about the great work they’re doing and how you can be part of it at TPO.com.

This post was published in partnership with TPO. Research was commissioned by ethical mobile network ‘The People’s Operator’, which donates 10% of customer’s bills to their chosen charity. For more information, please
visit www.tpo.com