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Everyone knows Game of Thrones by now. You just can’t help it. Whether it’s the endless Facebook excitement, non-stop memes flooding every corner of the web or just your best friend complaining how they “can’t believe” their favorite character got killed. Like, does George R.R. Martin even care about the fans?”(the answer is no by the way) there’s no way a person who isn’t living under a large boulder can avoid hearing about this Medieval bloodbath.

But the dragon-loving show, which grabbed a whopping 10.1 million viewers in the season 7 debut according to, hasn’t just affected television and the internet, it’s taken over the world. Fashion, video games, every kind of design and even food is using GoT-themed products to grab people’s attention and it’s working. Here are a few of the industries that have lost their heads over the craze, starting, of course, with fashion.

Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and… Targaryen?

So we already knew that London-based costume company Angel’s Costumes provided the production with Medieval attire, but it looks like multiple designers are supplying the rest of the general population with Game of Thrones-inspired street clothes. Labels included in the collaboration include Billionaire Boys Club, Carrots, Dee & Ricky, ALIFE, 40s & Shorties, V/SUAL and Koio, according to a report by Refinery 29.

HBO senior vice president, Lucinda Martinez, said the line builds on the show’s creativity and makes the partnership a proud one for the entertainment company. The first collection released is designed by Anwar Carrots and shows dragon mother Daenerys Targaryen as she appears in Dragonstone’s landing in season seven’s premier episode. A new line will be released weekly and showcase what happens in each of the episodes in the final season of the show.

It might not be the biggest surprise to see GoT fashion. There have been fashion shows with GoT-inspired pieces and backpacks with the designs. Vogue Magazine dedicated an article to getting a Game of Thrones look for the season seven premiere, while The Mirror has focused a piece on how to braid your hair like Khaleesi. However, we’re interested to see where this trend goes next. Will they stick with female characters or switch over to the King of the North or everyone’s favorite genius, Tyrion? We might be more excited for that than the show itself.

If you’re impatient like us and need some of that medieval style in your life right now, you can check out exhibition photos from the Avant Guardian that showcase the show’s clothing. Although it might not be about the hottest bags right now, we have you covered if that’s what you are looking for, it does show what a good designer can do with a couple buckles and a lot of leather.

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Being A Dragon Mother Is Hard When It Comes To Interior Design

Even the design of your own home isn’t safe from the craze, apparently. HGTV might as well stand for Hound and Gregor now as the DIY website showed off five GoT house designs that range from the setting of King’s Landing to Winterfell. With a picture of each design and a brief explanation, you can get some inspiration for designs to bring to your own castle.

However, you might want to check out this Architectural Digest article to see which Game of Thrones house matches your style. Once you’re feeling comfortable with your skills you might be able to incorporate another location from the show’s 60+ episodes. The coliseum at King’s Landing might make for a good living room layout. Just make sure to make the carpets red in that room…

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Tyrion Taking Over Our Technology

Just because electricity hasn’t been invented in GoT, that doesn’t mean the show doesn’t make for a killer video game. In fact, Jon Snow and the bunch hit it big with a release that saw the light of day on multiple platforms.

The highly popular Telltale series, a line of games created around the telling of a story and the decisions a player will make when faced with a branching plot, has dealt with many popular franchises. Batman, Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead and Minecraft of all things have been given the Telltale treatment to the approval of game fans everywhere.

Although GoT is a bit of an exception to that rule only scoring a 64% on Metacritic, it nevertheless made the cut and will eventually conclude the story sometime after the HBO series wraps up. Other official games for George R.R. Martin’s epic include a virtual slot machine which uses music, images and characters from the show available on Betway Casino, as well as a strategy/empire-building game by Disruptor Beam, available on browsers as well as Windows, Android and Apple phones.

At the end of the day, Game of Thrones is cleaning house right now. You can’t open a newspaper, check your newsfeed or even admire the latest clothing trends without seeing the whole of Westeros looking back at you. But just enjoy it while you can because like many great things, you don’t realize how much you miss it until its gone. Plus, we’re pretty sure Jon Snow and Daenerys will either kill each other or fall in love in the next episode, so we’ll be watching either way.