While we are all in the middle of a pandemic, many of us are working from home for the very first time. For some, this is torture and they don’t want it to be repeated. For others, working from home has sparked a whole new dream – the one where they work for themselves and not anyone else. 

Being self-employed is not easy at first. You need to have your ideas for your business and you need to know what you want to achieve with it. However, it’s something that can be done if you put in enough time and energy. Do you plan to continue to work from home? Do you plan to open an office? Do you plan to work from the road and need self employed van insurance? There are a lot of questions to answer here, and it’s important to know your “why”. There are plenty of reasons you should consider working for yourself, and we’ve got some of the best ones listed for you below.

  1. You can be more flexible when you work for yourself. It’s the biggest thing that working from home has taught us lately. You can choose when you work and where, and all because you work for yourself. You don’t even have to stay in the country if you don’t want to; you could work abroad!
  2. Working for yourself gives you back a ton of time you would usually be missing. Instead of working for 80 hours a week for a high wage, you may take a pay cut to work fewer hours at first. Is it really the best use of your time to spend it all at work? Nope, because by the time you get to enjoy it, you end up with a heart attack from the stress. Working for yourself, you get to take the time back and work fewer hours for something in which you feel passionate.
  3. You get to keep life very interesting when you are in charge of choosing your projects for work. You can up your skills at any time, and you can be open to new ways of working. You can even choose to go through learning processes that will make the whole industry in which you work clearer.
  4. Working for yourself gives you a fresh perspective in life. If you consult on a project, you are the outsider and you can gain a fresh perspective on a new way of doing things. You can innovate and choose new ways of doing things, which makes you someone that people want to work with.

These are only four advantages of working for yourself, and they’re the four most attractive reasons to get going. You can be successful working for yourself if you work hard enough, and as long as you find your passion, you can make it work well. The pandemic may be frightening to some, but it really can help you to realise what’s really important for your future.