Broadway Market isn’t exactly short of cute cafes to watch the parade of equally cute dogs passing by (seriously, is having an adorable dog a legally binding requirement for living in East London?).

If you haven’t heard of ‘Sans Pere’, it’s pretty high on the cute cafe scale, and you’ve probably unknowingly witnessed its pastel pink window seat crop up on at least one of your social media accounts at some point.

Broadway Market’s answer to the aesthetic of ‘Palm Vaults’, this little gem serves up brightly coloured coffees and has you low key wanting to paint your house baby pink and install marble in every room.

sans pere broadway market london

So we’ve established the cutesy cafe feeds your insta, but does it feed your stomach? We had the privilege of checking out their new brunch menu to find out.

We arrived at 11am on a Tuesday and it was quiet. Go at the weekend, and we’re told the teeny cafe will struggle to squeeze you in without a wait, but weekdays are usually okay.

The brunch menu is modest in size, and as far as cost goes, prices are average for the area (between £6 and £8 for most dishes).  The artichoke tartine on toast had originally sprung out at us, but alas they had just sold their last one that day. Instead, we thought we’d go the whole millenial hog (disclaimer: no pigs were harmed by using this expression) and opt for the avocado on rye bread. We also tried the truffle eggs with soldiers to dip.


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As we waited for our food, we sipped on Sans Pere’s very own freshly squeezed fruit juice which is made in their Shoreditch branch each morning and carted over to Broadway Market. It’s worth the daily commute, and the ‘red juice’ is a must try. On a less hungry day a coffee and juice would be the perfect energiser.

Intrigued by their ‘milkadamia’ milk, I ordered a cappuccino with what we predict to be the next trend in non-dairy milk – macadamia nut milk. Actually, I don’t recommend you try this in a cappucinno. It makes the coffee taste stronger but it doesn’t foam up the way that you want for a good cap. Even so, it’s a nice alternative and in a latte, it would probably taste great.

sans pere broadway market london

Our food arrived (on pink plates) and, as we expected, it looked so good we almost didn’t want to touch it! This cafe doesn’t scrimp on style. The avocado and rye toast was really good, although neither of us could pinpoint what made it quite so delicious (Sans Pere, if you’re reading, what’s your secret?!). It might have been nice to have the option of adding more ‘sides’ as the only ‘extras’ advertised on the menu are avocado and garden salad. The eggs could have been slightly bigger in portion size, and to be honest, one dish each isn’t likely to fill you up. But who cares when they taste great and you can fill up on their delicious juices, pastries and coffee?!  

Their banana pain au chocolats remind me of a previous addiction I developed living in Milan and discovering pistachio filled croissants. If you ask me, never turn down a croissant with an (extra) twist. One downside is that, aside from the avocado on rye, ‘Sans Pere’ doesn’t really cater for vegans, and a cashew cheese toastie would be a great alternative to their ‘brie’ toastie on the menu.

Their weekend brunch menu is slightly different, and also offers the option of adding a £4 glass of prosecco to any brunch main. Do we really need that kind of temptation?! Yes, yes we do…


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The laidback, simple menu reflects the cafe as a whole. We sat and chatted comfortably for ages, without feeling like we should be rushing or we were being watched. The waitress was extremely helpful, and again, didn’t put any pressure on us.

After 12pm you can order cocktails with any brunch main, and in the evening they offer extremely well priced mains – did someone say steak tartare for under a tenner?!.

Sans Pere have a branch in Shoreditch and are set to open a new branch soon – watch this space! And if the pink cafe takes over London, we won’t be complaining.

If you’re in Broadway Market at any point, be sure to pop in to Sans Pere for a coffee and a snack! Click here to read more reviews of Sans Pere and book a table.