When you think of a food market in London your mind may immediately wander over to Borough Market in London Bridge. However we are here to remind you that there is a food market just as vibrant and exciting and don’t require a trip down South and across the river – Leather Lane. Whilst it isn’t made from Leather and it may be longer than your average lane, this area comes alive between 10am and 3pm. Adjacent to the diamond adorned windows of Hatton Garden, Leather Lane will remind you of a classic London street from the 1900s where you could imagine all sorts of chaos going on. Toodle pip!

Us too. 

You can enjoy anything from Ethiopian street food to fusion fun like Tikkarito (Chicken Tikka in a burrito). Not only that lunch won’t cost you over the odds as there are many options that won’t cost you more than £6. Goodbye Pret A Manger. Hello affordable gluttony. Here are a few shops and stalls we love:


  • Pieminister – We’d like to trade our current Prime minister for one of these please.


  • Greek Expectations – So many choices outside the islands of Greece. We love the chicken kebab!


  • Tikkarito – Try the shop or the market stall but don’t leave without trying the paneer!


  • Catalyst Café – Not quite on Leather Lane but near enough, they are a little hipster but perfect in the evening for a spot of wine and beer after a stressful day in the office.


  • Med Wraps – Try the chicken, halloumi and lamb for a filling lunch.


  • The Persian Kebab stand – We’re not quite sure this is what the stand is called but they do the tastiest and freshest salads at only £5 a pop!

Tip: If you happy to walking through early in the morning you’ll see the stallholders prepping for the day and what we call the quiet before the storm. Great for a nose and to pique your Clerkenwell curiosity.


We agree with you Char.

So if you’re working in the nearby area (Holborn, Chancery Lane, Farringdon or Barbican), you won’t regret a trip to Leather Lane for lunch. We promise.