Digital marketing is not only a profitable career if you’re looking for a change of job, but it’s also a booming sector. The need for digital marketers is growing. In short, if you’re after a career change, you can be sure that online marketing is the market to approach. You won’t be short of job offers and clients, whether you want to work within a company or as an independent freelancer. More importantly, if you’re changing career, you’ll be pleased to know that contrary to the common belief, this specific kind of marketing is not best suited for creative and PR professionals. Indeed, when 48.6% of digital marketers admit their incompetence in domains as varied as SEO, data analysis and digital strategy, companies are beginning to expand their search outside of the traditional career paths for the perfect marketer. In fact, it’s best if you’ve got no marketing background at all. Instead, your computing background could make a significant difference. Here’s why IT professionals beat digital marketers.

Thinking outside the box advising

There is a high demand for talented freelancers to provide a knowledgeable reading of digital exchanges for companies. When everything is going as fast as the click of a mouse, entrepreneurs need to rely on the advice of a professional who can, not only think outside the box but also provides the guidance they require. With a career in IT, you’re best equipped not only to analyse not only a complex situation but also to identify the priority areas of actions. Marketers, unfortunately, can struggle as a result of their creative and comms training to gain a 360° vision of a business. While the questioning and logical mindset of a computing engineer can rapidly define the business causalities, correlations and interactions that need improving.

Enabling data analysis

You may not have a past of using marketing tools, but you can offer something that no marketer can. You can use your SQL training to bring data from different sources together. Using this specific skill, IT professionals are able to draw a realistic and useful image of customers interactions across the board. Additionally, you can also rely on SQL to dive into complex data collection to create meaningful settings. You can use it in the Google Analytics API, for instance, to create additional data gathering and tracking rules, that are meaningful to the business.

Offering a creative solution that fits

It would be foolish to assume that only professional with a literary or artistic background are able to design creative marketing strategies. In reality, creativity is at the core of an IT career. Take programmers, for instance, who needs to show inventiveness to create a beautiful solution using only lines of codes. They also need to develop their ability to adapt to a new environment and to further problems to explore flexible and tailored solutions. Ultimately, digital marketing is one of the many functions that a programming code fulfils. And it’s because programmers are creative that they can make elegant digital solutions come to life.

In conclusion, if you’re coming from a computing background, you can build a successful digital marketing career by using your transferable IT skills. In an era where businesses need strong and inventive digital interactions, your skillset is a perfect match.