Here at Plus Minus Magazine we like to eat and the best way to taste yourself around the globe is to try new food. From new London eateries to trying the latest food trends (matcha lattes anyone?), we love to explore and educate ourself through the simple act of eating.

That brings us to our new obsession with beef jerky. Its high in protein, and doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels so it comes in handy as an ideal snack before we head to the gym *shudder*. We’ve been trying out a new range of beef jerky from British brand The Curators who are on a crusade to change the way we view jerky in the UK. Its jerky is high in protein, with 11-12g of protein and less than 90 calories in every pack.

The Curators range of natural, hand-crafted beef jerky aims to create a unique gourmet taste experience that is protein-rich, highly nutritious and completely unique in the market. It retails at  £2.20 per 30g pack in Sainsbury’s which is much cheaper than your weekly supply of office biscuits (and healthier too). Not only that they come in a variety of flavours to tingle your tastebuds…

o   Sweet & Smoky

This recipe combines a delicately sweet Southern style bourbon marinade with smoky spices and red pepper, creating a warming and satisfying taste experience.

o   Teriyaki Spice

Bursting with flavour, the tangy honey and soy Japanese Teriyaki marinade is beautifully complemented by a warming, ginger rub that delivers a succulent sweet and spicy hit.

o   Sweet Sriracha

Packing a fragrant spicy punch with every bite, this jerky is infused with iconic Thai sriracha in a BBQ marinade and a sweet chilli rub of spring onions, chilli and garlic.

We loved the ‘Espresso Kick’ flavour which got us through the 3pm slump. Its a first for the UK market and is infused with South American BBQ marinade, smoked paprika and chilli. Now you’re wondering where the caffeine comes in and thats where the handmade element meets it. Each piece of jerky is coated in an intense and aromatic artisan coffee rub that releases a delicious pick me up, day or night.

Best of all, all their products are naturally rich in amino acids, free from preservatives and nitrates and has half the sugar content of mainstream competitor brands. You’ve won us over… just don’t be a jerk and keep all the jerky.

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