We may being slightly optimistic but the weather has been shooing the signs of Summer, and we can feel the heat. Yes we are mentally ready for summer, but perhaps our wardrobes aren’t. We seem to spend all Winter and Spring waiting for the warmer days, and finally they are on the horizon.

If you are a diligent fan of Asos, which we can assure you we are, then you will have seen summer filling the new in sections of out go to fashion site. Yes the sunshine has been radiating the page since April, and we thought it was high time to make our move and get our summer wardrobes looking hot!

Keep reading to find out what we are wearing this Summer…

Hippy, but make it fashion

Yes, this summer think about the 90s, Glastonbury, and Drew Barrymore. We are talking about a chic take on hippy styles, loose fabrics meet over dyed colours. Think layering and long silhouettes. You can go full tilt hippy by doing a head to toe look, or add a hint of the incense scented trend, it’s up to you.

Knitted Vests

Wool for Summer? Yes, well not actually wool, more likely linen and knitted cotton. This 90s throwback is on our radars this summer. This is the perfect high low addition to any look. Add to a high waisted pair of shorts for a low key BBQ look. Or add under some tailoring for a great wedding alternative.

Weird Heels, Hell Yes

Thanks to the likes of Jacquemus, kooky heeled shoes have risen to the top of our trend list. Yes the weirder the better. We are talking mirrored orbs, see-through heels, wooden shapes and Elizabethen inspired heels. Jump in on this trend!

The Summer Suit

The summer suit is an utter joy. We love that tailoring is a huge part of fashion at the moment, and long may it continue. Keep it muted and opt for a soft sage oversized trouser suit that will keep you cool all day long. Go bold if you dare, and pick a short set, with your legs bare to enjoy all that summer sun, however you decide to wear suits, we’re sure it will suit you!

Beach Bags

What summer is complete without a basket bag? We adore the soft ease that a basket bag brings to any outfit. Throw whatever you need for the day, and you are good to go. There is no size requirement here, all bags are welcome. You will get extra style points for oversized and micro bags, so pick wisely.

LWD- The Little White Dress

We are not giving up on our Black dresses, more that we are giving them a break whilst we have a fling with their summer alternative. Yes white dresses are everywhere. They make your tan look brighter, compliment pale skin tones, and if you have darker skin, will make you look like a glowing goddess. There are so many available, so go wild!

Square Toes

The other shoe trend this season is another throwback to the 90s, with the square toe shoe making a huge comeback. This is a super easy trend to wear, and is super flattering for all looks. Also it is super comfortable when compared to the knife like points of other shoes.