Stress. It is a huge part of our lives these days. Whether this is caused by hectic careers, bustling schedules or even personal dilemmas these things can all add up, leaving you feeling washed up and tense.

No one should have to feel like this, which is why we have compiled some tips to help you feel less stressed. This all takes the form of self-therapy, by using your diary, or habit tracker.

So keep reading to find out what to write in a diary to reduce stress.

Your to-do list

It may seem counter-intuitive, as sometimes the things on our to-do list are the main stresses in our lives. However, seeing an organised and itemised list of the tasks we will be focusing our time on in the next few days can actually feel very soothing.

The key to this is to make your to-do list as rational and efficient as possible. We shared some tips about prioritising tasks, and this will be very useful now too.

A good to do list will keep you feeling in control and will give your day and week ahead structure. This will pave the way to stress reduction.

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Your goals

This one is nice and straight forward. Your goals and aspirations are the things that keep you moving forward. Seeing them written in your diary will ensure that you can see the reason why you are working so hard.

These goals can be career focused, personal, or even related to your stress levels. Take your time adding them to your diary and mark your page with a tab so that you can easily flick back to it.

Your Achievements that day

What did you do today? This may sound simple, but actually taking the time to write down the things that you did today will fill you with pride. The sense of achievement you will feel will bring on joy, and with that will release endorphins which help reduce stress.

So in writing your achievements down, you are actually keeping your stress levels in check.

What made you smile

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to trick your mind. We are sure you have been told if you feel unwell, it is much better for you to focus on something else, like a nice film. This exercise is the same thing. Play your day back in your mind, and recount what was good about your day into your diary.

We are not looking for life-changing moments like winning the lottery. Think smaller, like your boss emailing you to say what a great job you did, or getting the last Italian style salad at Pret.

These are things to direct your mind away from the stress you are feeling, and remind you what is so good about your life.

How would you change today

Okay, so you are feeling stressed, something has gone awry. In order to process your feelings, and to ensure that you are able to move on and enjoy the rest of your week, you need to unpack today. You can do this at the same time as recounting what made you smile.

Think about the micro-aggressions that made you fume, the issues that made you feel uncomfortable and even the things you did wrong. This may be traumatic so take your time and be gentle on yourself. Listing these will provide you with a document of tasks to alter, people to avoid and your own behaviours you need to adjust.

Who made your day better

This is a surefire way to fill your life with lovely humans. Using your diary as a record, you will be able to clearly see who has had a positive impact on your life. These are the people you need to latch onto, pull them into your inner circle. But also make sure that you let them know how much they mean to you.

Knowing the people who make you feel happy, calm and loved is very important in monitoring the relationships you have in your life. It will also quickly show you the people in your life who are not having the positive effect you desire.

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