In the UK, we spend around six hours a week cooking in the kitchen; however, a kitchen is more than simply a place to prepare food. We eat there, entertain friends there and converse as a family there. It’s a central room at the heart of our lives, so it’s important that the space reflects our own personal taste. Here, we take a look at four distinct kitchen styles and offer some insight into who they might suit.


Traditional kitchens are colourful, welcoming places. Liberal use of wood – from ceiling beams to the work surface and chopping board – make them very homely. Tried and tested appliances are favoured for their simplicity over more technical modern alternatives. There’s lots of storage space in a traditional kitchen; but cupboards and shelves are often exposed, which allows for easy access to the accessories and utensils inside.

Ideal For

A traditional kitchen is perfect for a relaxed, busy family that enjoys kicking back. The family has neither the time nor inclination to maintain perfect order around the clock, so these low maintenance spaces are a good fit. Traditional kitchens can be expensive but are built to last.


Stripped back but not necessarily stark, an industrial kitchen has high ceilings, open shelving and often incorporates exposed brick and bare metal frameworks. Stainless steel appliances and work surfaces are complemented by reclaimed wood furniture and repurposed lighting.

Ideal For

An industrial kitchen is a great option for a large household that cares about style but also needs a hardwearing space. The style of kitchen is probably better suited to shared accommodation between friends rather than families, as the exposed finishes may pose a bit of a health and safety hazard to younger children.


As its name suggests, this kitchen mixes and matches styles, from lavish bohemian seating to stripped back flooring with exposed wooden planks. There’s a lot on display in an eclectic kitchen, including utensils and decorative trinkets. Appliances can be a mix of old and new, as can the furniture.

Ideal For

If you can’t make up your mind on one particular style or just love playing around with different design themes within a single space, then this kitchen is perfect for you. Because uniformity isn’t important, it can be easy to piece together a beautiful looking eclectic kitchen for relatively little money.

Modern Kitchen

A cool colour scheme, with a lot of black and stainless steel, is often favoured in a modern kitchen. Appliances with sharp designs, straight edges and angular corners are commonplace. Also, par for the course, are minimalist sunken hobs that fit flush to the work surface, see this Fisher & Paykel range of cooking appliances for an example. Modern gadgets are embraced, and learning how to use new ones is part of the fun. Although the modern kitchens have plenty of storage, everything has its place and tends to be hidden out of view when not in use.

Ideal For

This style of kitchen is a good fit for a professional couple or small family that love clean spaces. They might be busy but still find time to maintain order, and they trust modern technology and know how to use it. These kitchens are on the pricier side and can be victims of their own modernity, with a lifespan on the shorter side – around five to 10 years.