Sadly a lot of the time we don’t like some of the things that define our face. Some are born with more symmetric features, while others aren’t. Some of those features are our eyebrows. One can be larger than the other, shorter than the other, or not at all alike like the other. This is normal because people are rarely born with glorious eyebrows. As we grow up, we tend to pluck some of the stray hairs. This is what helps us define the form of the brow. But a lot of the times we have hair missing from one of the brows. Whatever you try to do, the hairs won’t grow. This is what makes us eyebrows unsymmetrical.

Nowadays, more and more innovations are being created to beautify the human face. One of those innovations is microblading. Women and sometimes men around the world won’t have to worry anymore about their eyebrows. Here are some of the things you should know about when it comes to this type of procedure:

What is microblading?

It is a technique designed to shape the eyebrows of a person. A pigment is being inserted on the top layers of the skin to resemble a hair. This way the brows look even and don’t have any hairs missing. This is great because the procedure fills in the empty spots of the eyebrows. You won’t have to y=use an eyebrow pencil anymore. That’s the end goal of microblading. To achieve the desired result, you must repeat the procedure a couple of times, because with constant washing the pigment can become lighter until it thoroughly washes away from your face. Here is more info.

People want to try this procedure because it helps them get full brows. Always consult with your dermatologist if this is safe. You can also ask the microblading expert what to expect of the procedure. More and more women are trying it, and the outcome is always satisfactory. You can find out about it yourself.

How long does the procedure last?

As mentioned above, you can’t just fix the problem with one procedure. The process usually takes one to two years max. Of course, this depends on the skin type you have. The method affects different skin types differently. Some people don’t need to go for a whole two years to achieve their goal. The microblading professional will determine the nature of your skin and explain to you how long you need to go. If you’re determined to finish the process, then it is best that you listen to the expert.  

The first thing you should know is that the pigment will start to fade. This is normal because it’s not your real hair in the first place. But don’t worry. After the fading, the lines from the microblading will start to resemble your hairs. This is the outcome you should expect. The more natural the pigment looks, the better for you. No one wants to look weird with a pigment much darker than their actual hairs. Make sure to search for a Microblading Directory to find out more information.

Side effects of microblading

If you’re doing this for the first time, then you might notice itching around your brows. This is very common and not at all terrifying. The itching usually starts right after you leave the office. It is advisable that you avoid scratching the itching area because it might lead to a problem. Try to ignore the itch as much as you can, because it doesn’t last very long. It will last probably one day and then stop.

Moreover, another crucial thing is that you keep the brows dry as often as you can. This means no showers, baths or washing the face with soap. This can be quite difficult mainly because those are the things that people regularly do. Try to avoid them as much as you can and if you have any further questions ask your microblading expert. Click here for more.

Another quite normal thing is scabbing. This won’t leave scars, so you don’t have to worry about it. The only way that you’ll make scars is by constantly picking the scabs instead of leaving them alone. Everything would be fine if you leave them to fall off naturally.