These past few years, there has been a rise in fitness fanatics. Gyms are now opening up on almost every street. Everyone wants to look their best, and most people nowadays are into some form of fitness. It could be running, weight lifting, cycling, or even some form of martial art. Each one of these has levels to their own game.

For example, if you are just starting running, it might be hard for you to run five miles. Not just hard, it might be impossible. But, when you invest a lot of time and effort into it, after a few months, it will not be a problem. After you crush one goal, you just set another one. Eventually, you can get into marathons and ultramarathons and reach the absolute peak. Click here to read more.

However, after some time, you will notice that you will start hitting plateaus. Your body will stop listening to you, and some goals might be too hard for you. Or, it might take a lot of time that you don’t have to reach them. In this case, steroids can help out, and we will cover a lot of misconceptions, benefits, and side effects.

What are steroids?

First of all, you need to know what steroids really are. They are natural hormones that every person has flowing through their body. Even at this moment, you have a ton of steroids circulating through your blood. The most commonly known ones are estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol. They help in regulating most bodily functions and constitute a healthy life.

They were invented almost a century ago, and their primary purpose was to help kids go through puberty. Some boys and girls have trouble entering puberty and giving them steroids speeds up the process. With this therapy, they continue their growth normally. However, when adults use them, the results are quite different. Here’s some more info on the topic

Pumping your body up with more hormones than it produces will feel like you have superpowers. For example, testosterone will make you gain muscles at an extremely high rate. In under three months, you can look like you’ve been working out for decades. Doping feels like you have unleashed superpowers, and your body responds to the amount of strength you have.

As well as gaining muscle mass, you also have a lot more endurance. Your training can last double the time and the intensity, and you won’t get fatigued. Not only that, but the recovery process will be shortened. They help in the rebuilding of muscle fibers so you can work out even more often. That’s why many pro athletes make the decision to reach for performance-enhancing drugs.

How do you use them?

There are three ways to use them. The first and most popular way is by injection. Secondly, you can get them like pills. And the third method is by using gels and rubbing them on your body. You shouldn’t use them consistently but only do it in cycles. For example, one sequence can last from four to sixteen weeks. You can read more by searching for Anabolic Steroid Drugs website among others.

Throughout this time, you will be taking steroids daily or several times per week. During this time, your body will undergo a lot of changes. The main ones will be physical, but you can also experience intense sexual desire as well as mood swings. These are some of the side effects that are associated with using performance enhancers. Of course, they are not the only ones.

What are the side effects?

A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. As we mentioned before, mood swings and increased libido are two of them, but there are more. For women, the main side effects involve developing masculine features. This means they will start producing more facial hair, deepening on the voice, as well as enlargement of the clitoris. Click here to read more.

For both men and women, baldness is something to look out for. Additionally, men can experience testicular shortage and a decrease in their sperm count. And, both sexes can be more likely to have cancer. These side effects can be avoided if you know what you are supposed to do. There are a lot of rules, and one of them is not drinking any alcohol while you are in a cycle. 

That will cause a lot more harm than good and can mess with a lot of the hormonal changes that are happening in your body. Another important thing is to always do a post cycle therapy. This will bring your body back to the way it was before in terms of health. You will get to keep all of your physical changes and gains, so you don’t need to worry about that. Post cycle therapy is mainly about keeping your hormonal levels normal and working correctly. 

A few final words

Steroids can be a great help, or they can cause a lot of health issues. You need to be wholly informed, and you need to know precisely what you’re doing with these drugs. The best thing to do is to talk to an expert in this area and let them know what your goals are and whether this choice will help you. 

As well as that, it would be beneficial to read about what cycling feels like so you know what changes and thoughts will be going through your head. And of course, you should always have your health and safety in mind.