For the past decade or so, Scandinavia has been very much in fashion. Many people believe that this is down to the huge popularity of Scandinavian TVs that burst onto our screens in the early and mid 2000s. Shows such as The Killing, The Legacy, and Borgen were a big hit in many households and, as a result, Scandi style started to seep into our fashion and interior design.

That’s not the only reason that this geographical region is having such a huge influence on our lives and especially our interiors, though. Discount furniture stores, such as IKEA, sell budget furniture at great prices that many can afford. And most of their stock has a very distinctive Scandinavian flair and feel to it. So, many people are filling their homes with Scandi pieces without even realizing it!

But there really is no wonder that Scandinavian interior designs and trends are so popular with us. It’s super chic and incredibly stylish! Not only that, though, but it works well whether you live in a small city center apartment or a rustic country house. Scandinavian design works well everywhere and anywhere!

Ready to inject some Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish design into your home? Read on for some great tips, many of which the interior design experts swear by. You’ll be amazed by how Scandi your home looks once you’ve used all this fantastic advice.

Keep Things Simple

One of the main aspects of any type of Scandinavian interior design is that it is always minimal and simple. So, if possible, you should always strip back your interiors to make it as simple as possible. That also means all of your decor features should be simple as well. That means no over-the-top artworks or brightly colored prints on the wall. In fact, you shouldn’t have too many prints on your walls at all as they will make your space feel a bit too busy. This is a great excuse to get rid of all that clutter that you might have been hoarding over the past few years!

Have Tech-Free Spaces

Scandinavians aren’t quite as hooked to their smartphones and tablet devices as we tend to be. Because of this, you should designate some areas and spaces in your home as tech-free spaces. The bedrooms in your home should, at the very minimum, be completely free of any tech. Not only will this add to their Scandi-vibe, but it will also help your whole family get a better night’s sleep. It’s also a good idea to create some more tech-free spaces in your home so that your family find it easier to unplug whenever they need to. How about creating a cozy corner in your living room that is filled with books and pot plants, and in which all devices are banned.

Use Statement Storage Pieces

For most people, adding more storage to their homes is difficult because they live in such small properties. But rather than trying to hide all of your storage and squirrel it away out of sight of your visitors, why not try turning it into a statement? You can buy some very stylish clothes rails that you can hang your clothes on. These can then in turn be turned into a nice little decor feature of your bedroom. It’s also possible to buy some statement organizers for your kitchen that can turn all of your clutter into some really nice decor!

Don’t Forget Your Exteriors

When we try to add some Scandi style to our homes, many of us focus entirely on the interiors. However, you really shouldn’t forget about the exterior of your home as well as there are also plenty of Scandi inflections you could add there too. For example, you could repaint the exterior paintwork a neutral color so that it gives off the same Scandi vibe as your interiors do. It’s also a good idea to find a new garage door that matches this color scheme so that you have a flowing style to your home’s exterior. It’s also a good idea to keep your front garden as simple as possible – after all, you don’t want to lose your Scandi style by leaving the garden a bit too messy and cluttered. It’s also a nice idea to add some simple hanging baskets as well – Scandinavians love their plants and greenery!

Go For Hard Floors

Another feature that just screams Scandinavian style is hard floors. Natural wooden floorboards are your best bet for getting that authentic Scandinavian rustic ambience. But other hard floors will work well too, especially tiles. If you are worried that all of these hard floors might make your rooms feel cold, there’s really no need to worry. You can simply cover a section with a cool rug or mat. Carpeted flooring certainly isn’t chic enough for Scandinavian interior design, but a sophisticated rug that blends in with the rest of the decor can help make your room feel ever so sophisticated.

Look For Found Art

Scandinavians love anything that is natural and rugged. This is probably why they love found art so much! What exactly is found art? It’s artworks and pieces that haven’t been created or made by anyone – they have just been found! Driftwood is a really good example. Lots of people head to the beach just to see if there is any really cool driftwood that has been washed up from the sea. They then dry it out and display it in their home. Some people also find really cool branches and twigs in forests and woods. As long as they are uniquely shaped and catch the eye then there is nothing wrong with displaying them in your home and boosting the overall Scandi-vibe!

Boost Natural Light

When you think of rooms that have been designed in the Scandinavian style, you probably imagine a space that is very light and airy. That’s because the Scandinavians are very adept at getting as much natural light into their rooms as possible. Even if you just have the one window in a room, you should still be able to flood it with great light. Some quick tricks in your interiors will help. First of all, hang as many mirrors as possible as these will reflect the light around the room. As well as that, you should stick to light shades on the walls, such as white and cream. Just like the mirrors, these light colors will also reflect light around the room.

Add Fresh Flowers

I’ve already mentioned that the Scandis love their plants and greenery, and this is even the case in their homes. The Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians love to fill each and every room in their house with colorful houseplants and bouquets of flowers. Not only does all this plantlife help to add some great color to your rooms, but it can also help freshen up the air. That is especially the case with plants like peace lilies and spider plants, which are known for their detoxifying qualities. Just place them in your rooms and you will notice a difference in the air after just a few hours!

Clean Window Treatments

Some people try to fill their window sills with as many pot plants and ornaments as possible. It’s true that these small additions can be really decorative and add some extra decor features to your home, but it isn’t very Scandinavian. When it comes to your window treatments, they should be clean, minimal, and very simple. Just think of how minimal and simple the room is and try to bring this inspiration to your window treatments. It’s ok to have one pot plant or one small ornament on your window sill, but don’t get carried away and fill them up with all manner of trinkets and mementoes.

Mix Textiles

To add some warmth to your minimalist rooms, you might want to add some textiles. These are things like blankets, throws, and rugs. When you look for different textiles, it’s a good idea to mix them. Add ones that are different colors – just don’t use colors and shades that are widely different from one another, though. But as long as they are all neutral shades and colors, then you can’t go too far wrong. It’s also a good idea to mix up the actual materials that the textiles are made from too.

Use Natural Wood

If you regularly eye up Scandi-themed rooms in interior design magazines, you will also notice that many feature a lot of natural wood. One way to use as much wood as possible in your room’s design is to strip the beams in the ceiling (if there are any) and use them as a decor feature. Natural wood is also great in furniture, especially dining room tables, coffee tables, and chairs. You can also add natural wood to your window treatments as well.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you plenty of inspiration and motivation for creating a very cool and chic Scandinavian-themed room in your home.