Wearing your heart on your sleeve : ZL By ZLISM AW19

ZL By ZLISM presented a bold and directional presentation. This confident and bright collection grabbed our attention from the minute we saw it.

Quite often the press release gives concise information to help us translate the collection and the thoughts of designer. For ZL By ZLISM there was a poem like section that gave true insight into the presentation…

Starting from discovering my body and mind, we often forget to listen to the inner voice of our souls. Our souls are often separated from our bodies. Not many people will take the initiative to pry into the deeper part of their souls.

Have you ever had a conversation with your soul? If you could ask your soul anything, what would you want to know? There are so many different answers. Have you ever had a conversation with your soul?

Viewing the collection in this emotionally aware and heightened sense of self, we really appreciated what we saw.

ZL By ZLISM is a unisex fashion brand, created by artist Zoie Lam. Creative fun and directional garments for free creative people. This collection oozed positivity, radiating fun and an enjoyable atmosphere for all onlookers.

This collection entitled “Who am I?” , takes inspiration from what consumers take from life. The explosive prints and shapes represent how we show our emotions, from happiness all the way through to sadness.

The bold shapes were complimented by bold colours of neon green, fluorescent orange and zesty yellow. These contrasted beautifully with a monochrome background. Lam used transparent fabrics with reflexives ones, to show a window into ourselves.

This reflective collection was a mood boosting affair, and we cannot wait to wear it next season.

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