Fine scarves are having a moment, thanks to the revival of vintage styles. Scarves in delicate wools, cashmeres and silks are hot right now. Victoria Ragna, namesake brand of Victoria Ragna and husband Felipe create prints inspired by Victoria’s Norwegian Heritage.

This is a personal and creative endeavour that has lead to some exquisite scarves of the highest quality. We wanted to find out more about the design process and the duo behind the brand. So we grabbed 5 minutes with Victoria and Felipe.

We love that your heritage inspires you, tell us a little bit more about the design process. 

V: When I am designing I draw inspiration from details from my life. My surroundings, a trip with my family and my childhood. For the first collection I designed, I was really inspired by a very traditional Norwegian motif.

When I feel inspired, I start sketching out different patterns and elements. Eventually I create a design that I feel could turn into a scarf print.Victoria Ragna: Scarves with Heritage

What is your favourite part of the production process?

V: My favourite is designing the final print. After I have decided which route to take. I can just start building the pattern that will be printed or woven into a scarf.

F: My favourite part from the production process is actually much different. I love when we start getting the samples in. We can visualise and test different styling possibilities for those pieces. It’s sometimes a difficult process, but the end result is equally satisfying. Victoria Ragna: Scarves with Heritage

How does one wear a silk scarf with style?

V: One of the ways I love to wear a silk scarf, especially smaller ones, is as a hair accessory. I love that scarves are becoming more versatile, and are starting to be worn not only in traditional ways.

F: I also like the scarf as a head scarf. Lately I’ve been really interested in the use of the scarf as a choker. Or as accent to an accessory, like a bag, or a trench coat as a belt. Victoria Ragna: Scarves with Heritage

Do you have a favourite design?

V: From the existing collections, my favourites would be Amazônia and Praia. They have a very special meaning and are very personal to me.

F: I believe my favourite designs so far are the Smørbukk and also the Praia. However there are two others called Greece and Keel, which are about to come out.Victoria Ragna: Scarves with Heritage

What is it like working as a couple? 

V: It’s actually great. We work very well together, we value and respect each others opinions and I am very proud of my husband’s work ethic and how hard-working he is. Since we have very distinct roles, we work really well with each other.

F: Despite being discouraged by almost everyone around us, since it tends to be difficult to separate the work life from the personal life, I believe we’ve been working really well together. Maybe it’s due to what Victoria said, about our roles possessing so different characteristics. However, believe that it’s more due to the fact that we’ve known each other for so long and been friends for so long. It becomes easier to discuss and diverge, since there is no question that we respect each other’s opinions. 

Also, due to the separation of duties, we’ve created a couple of mechanisms that I believe helps in settling any differences of opinion. For big decisions, if any of us is not onboard we don’t go ahead, and for smaller day to day decisions, we established that the person overseeing that process or part of the business has the final call in case there is any disagreement.Victoria Ragna: Scarves with Heritage

What is next for Victoria Ragna? 


V: This will be a very exciting year for Victoria Ragna. I am personally very excited to launch this year’s collections, as they are very different from the previous ones. We have been present in a Showroom in Paris during Fashion Week and we are developing some very beautiful content for this year’s campaigns.

F: I believe there are a few milestones that we’re targeting this year in order to better prepare the brand for next steps that should happen in 2020. From last year to this year we’ve already managed to increase the rate in which we release products by shortening the production cycle and essentially reducing waste, while keeping quality.

This was a big step for us, since last year we saw that the traditional season cycle generated many problems in terms of sustainability and business in this day an age. Therefore we have four collections lined up to be launched during 2019, with the first being released just now in May.

We’re also planning different events so that we can interact with customers as I think it’s really important, as I believe that as an internet company, we really should strive to create “intimacy” with customers. This is something that I believe brands haven’t figured out on how to translate the human contact to the internet and that I believe people really miss from the traditional brick and mortar retail shops.Victoria Ragna: Scarves with Heritage