Fashion moves at a fast pace, and more than ever is driven by trends. However, one thing that Fashion loves to embrace more than trends is a worthy cause. In 2018 that cause is Veganism.

The fashion community has spoken and it is no longer acceptable to harm animals for us to look good. Fashion is embracing cruelty free, with the banning of fur and angora at London Fashion Week last month, huge brands such as Gucci & Giorgio Armani no longer using fur and even leather loosing favour.

There are some amazing Vegan clothing brands out there that are fashion forward and we have complied some of the best.

Nanushka – for Vegan Leather

A lot of people assume that Vegan leather is just plastic. However, this is wrong. Vegan Leather is a material that is cruelty free and has a low impact upon the environment but looks and feels just like leather. Nanushka, based in Budapest does some of the best vegan leather in the business.

We love the oversized tie shirt in red and the matching wide legged trousers.

MUD – for vegan Jeans

Jeans we hear you ask? Yes Jeans, the labels, and the factory processes involved in Jeans can all use animal products. Well MUD jeans uses 100% cotton, no leather labels and a completely animal product free process in its factory.

Not only is this brand vegan, but they are also ethical and sustainable using recycled cotton and paying regal visits to it’s factory in Tunisia to ensure standards are met.

Jakke- for faux fur

Jakke are the go to vegan faux fur brand. Their coats are super cool and incredibly covetable, think bold prints and bolder colours. Worn by super cool girls such as Megan Ellenby and Forever Yours Betty, Jakke are a vegan brand you have to check out.

Native Shoes- for vegan shoes

Even leather free shoes can still use animal products, especially in the adhesives used. Native shoes prove that this is not necessary. They are what they call a ‘beast free company’ saying that ‘Native Shoes exists to create happiness and enlighten lives, one Beast Free step at a time’. This is a super wearable and assessable brand, that makes going fully vegan a breeze.

They have also collaborated with brands such as Goop in the past, and if it is good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow then they are good enough for us.

In the Soulshine – for vegan tees

In the Soulshine are known for their cruelty free t shirts, using only organic cotton and vegan inks this makes their products doubly covetable. They also employ this ethos across a range of accessories as well.

I.T.S. not only value animals but they also value people too, saying that ‘We love fashion. But we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet’. Their production takes place in Bali where the workers are payed on a per-piece wage, ensuring they earn up to 40% more than the minimum wage.

Alice Vandy- for vegan fun

Alice Vandy is a London based designer of unique and fantasy based garments that are not only fun, but cruelty free. Not only is Vandy a former winner of Peta’s new designer of the year, but is also a Peta certified Vegan brand. It is clear from Vandy’s designs that being Vegan means you get to look amazing.