We can all spend a lot of time in our homes, especially now that the long nights are drawing in and the weather has turned colder. We all look to gravitate to our living areas where we can sit back and relax and let off the load of the day. However, could we be making more of our living areas? There are plenty of things we can do to ensure that we make more of interiors and I thought now with the lead up to Christmas you could start to think about renovating your living areas and adding some elegant touches.

Making the most of natural light

Natural light is so important for our homes, especially at the time of year when we don’t get too much daytime light to enjoy. So now, while it’s darker, would be the ideal time to maximise the natural light in your living area. One way to do that is to make a big change to your living area. If you can, consider adding sliding french doors to create a more open aspect. If you don’t have that luxury then making more of your window could be the answer. Don’t cover them up with heavy blinds or curtains, keep them open or use lighter materials so that more natural light can enter your living area. It could make a world of difference to how you feel in that room.

Thinking about lighting features

The next features to think about would be your lighting. A light fitting can be a real statement piece to a room. Depending on your interior theme a statement chandelier to a modern scandi light feature can be a real talking point to your room. So if you want to make some changes then the lighting could be one of the areas to add a real elegant touch.

Making an informed choice when it comes to flooring

Flooring can be a great way to change the whole look of a room by only focusing on one area. However, with it covering the major surface of the room you need to ensure that you are making the right choice. There are carpet options which work really well if you are hoping for a comfortable vibe, or you could choose something more modern like a wooden flooring. There are even budget friendly options where you can get a wooden flooring look but made out of different material. Another option would be tile. When making such a big change you may also want to consider adding underfloor heating to make the room feel warm and cosy.

Be bold with your walls

Finally, your home your rules, so why not be a little bolder with your walls. Choose to have a feature wall in a bright colour, choose not be afraid of darker more moody like colour schemes, or even be bold in different ways by adding photographs to the walls or your favourite artwork pieces.

I hope some of the ideas have inspired you to make some changes to your living areas.