Brighton showcased their Fashion with Business Studies students’ work at GFW, and it was clear their students were ready to take on the big boys. There was a sense of confidence in all the collections that were presented – strong personalities and stronger garments were the order of the day.

Sophia Mingoia

Modern corseting never looked chicer. There were clear references in this collection, all the better because of the way it was put together and the choice of materials. One highlight was the orange silk that had such a beautiful grain creating a beautiful and delicate pattern on such well made garments.

Sam Snow

This collection had Elizabethan drama that looked so modern. Using a strong and simple colour palette of red, cream and grey it had real unity as well as all the pieces standing out on their own. We loved the billowing sleeves and the distressed shoes. All these elements made for a beautiful collection.

Steph Davies

Davies showed us how tailoring is done in her collection. Beautiful metallic coats swept down the runway, commanding power and attention. However it wasn’t just the beauty of the garments that caught our attention. There was a deeper darker message with small messages on some of the garments, one such reading ‘god hates your guts’. It is clear that Davies is one to watch.

Hannah Attalah

Metallics shone bright in this collection. With strong florals spliced into panels on ruffled high collared jackets the collection had a Sports-luxe come Elizabethan vibe to it. We also loved the branded trousers that Attalah showed, highlighting the knowledge of business and the power of strong logos.

Ryan Brockbank

Pitching his collection as tailored casuals, this collection felt timeless yet also warmly nostalgic. Reminiscent of footballers’ away uniforms of the 90’s, this had perfectly balanced piping and paneling all in complementary colours such as navy, red and blue. Casuals have never looked so smart.   

James Parker

Modern sexy space was the vibe in this collection. We got strong Thierry Mugler vibes in a modern take that we have not seen done this well in a long time. Strong colours on reflective amour like bodices and breast plates stomped down the runway. A really strong collection, we can’t wait to see more from Parker in the future.

Ibbi Abbassi

Ruffles on ruffles on ruffles. This collection had beautiful layering not only with ruffles but with mixed striped patterns too. Presenting a gender neutral collection is so right for now and for the garments too. We loved how soft these garments were, but also how strong they were at the same time.

Sóley Jóhannsdóttir

This collection made hiking look chic. Playing with proportions and materials meant that Jóhannsdóttir created unique and beautiful silhouettes that really stood out. This was progressed by a strong colour pallets of bright spicy reds and neutral khakis.

Tannaz Falahtzadeh

This collection felt like a modern take on Victoriana with beautiful suiting in rich burgundy. We loved the slashed necklines on the frayed houndstooth suit that had such a modern feel to it. We could sense the knowledge and research behind these pieces and we loved it.

Olivia Bradley

This collection was incredibly beautiful. What we imagine if Dior were to make prom dresses in the mid eighties. Yet it felt relevant and current, we loved the colours used, the mix of the golds and the pinks had us hooked.


All images c/o University of Brighton