We all remember the fairy toast fad, don’t we? Sprinkles of hundreds and thousands over your buttered toast and you can take a bite into a delicious piece of fairy toast.

But this is not the only trend to be taking over. Unicorns have been the hot topic for some time. Case in point: we even now have a unicorn emoji which has subtly crept onto all our smart phones and is now one of the most used emojis.

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Want to try a piece of unicorn toast? Why not? Adeline Waugh, the creator and Insta-famous food stylist and photographer has concocted the most divine, delicious looking piece of toast. It’s not only Instagram-worthy but worthy of sitting prettily on your plate for breakfast! By incorporating natural food colouring into cream cheese, Waugh gives her unicorn toast an exquisite look without being heavily loaded with E numbers.

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Ready to create your own unicorn toast? Of course you are! Start off with some beetroot; the beautiful bright hot pink of the beet will bleed through into your cream cheese creating a magical pink colour. For the orange and yellow, take a sprinkle of turmeric, which will allow a delicate but pretty colour to mix in with your hot pink. To create the purples and blues, take dried blueberry powder, which creates a fabulous pastel or intense purple depending on how much you mix in.

Paste on to your bread, and admire your work of art. And of course, you know it’s going to taste delicious!

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And even more thrilling for the coloured cream cheese lovers; mermaid toast is set to become the next trend, which is going to be a big favourite among vegans as it’s completely natural and dairy-free. It’s also unbelievably healthy as it’s jam packed with vitamins.

Look out for the mermaid toast recipe on our Twitter page soon and send us your photos using the hashtag #plusminuseats!