Notting Hill isn’t just one of our favourite places, but it’s also host to some of the best restaurants in London. It was for this very reason that we arrived at ‘ULI’ with high hopes.

First impressions were good. The light, airy restaurant has an outside seating area adorned with plants and wood. The decor has that inviting, warm feel that evokes the same excitement as the discovery of the cute restaurant near your hotel when you’re on holiday in a romantic European city.

Our server welcomed us with glasses of prosseco and asked us for any dietary requirements before suggesting that we leave any decisions regarding the menu to him. Both hopelessly indecisive, this was music to our ears, and we happily sat back and sipped our fizz.

On return, we were given a few dishes to share as starters – vegetable dumplings, crispy calamari, asparagus with black bean and chilli, and prawn summer rolls. The dumplings were absolutely delicious, although we did get a slight telling off for not eating them fast enough – they are so fresh that if they aren’t eaten immediately they change texture, which was good to know, because the texture was perfect!

The asparagus was tasty, and although I’m not a huge calamari fan it definitely fared well compared to calamari I’ve tried in the past. Starters were filling, and we had to remember to leave room for the main courses.

So how did the main event fare? The crispy cod fillet was okay, but it was the baby thai aubergine that stole the show. The aubergine practically melted in our mouths, and the flavours were strong, but not overpowering. Paired with rice, it makes a delicious main course. We were actually only given fish and vegetable dishes, so it is difficult to give an opinion on the meat dishes, but judging from the happy diners around us (yes, we witnessed a plate being scraped clean), they looked pretty good.

Our only issue is that the restaurant claims to serve healthy Asian food, and in our opinion food was mainly flavoursome, but certainly didn’t taste healthy. A treat, yes – but if you’re counting calories then the scales might disagree with the ‘health’ tag.

The mochi ice cream we had for dessert was a favourite for both of us, and we tried some delicious cocktails, all of course presented beautifully. If you can’t decide which cocktail to go for, make sure you try the lychee martini. It’s not too sweet, comes dressed in pink, and goes down far too easily!

We left ‘ULI’ feeling satisfied, considering painting our houses blue, and with a new addition to our list of Notting Hill restaurants to frequent.