Eyelash extensions are not just meant to give your eyelashes length and volume. Using eyelash extensions is also an excellent way to achieve a dramatic look. There are different types of eyelash extensions to choose, and you can create a unique look by choosing the right extensions. Here are the most common options available:

Mink Eyelash Extensions

You can get both real and faux mink extensions. These are considered the highest quality eyelash extensions because they look like natural lashes. The natural look comes with a high cost and especially if you decide to buy real mink extensions. The real mink extensions are obtained from minks by brushing the hairs to collect it for usage. It is important to note that the minks are not harmed or injured in the process of obtaining the hairs.

However, for those looking for animal-free products, faux mink extensions are still as good as the real ones. These extensions are lightweight, and you will not even feel any change wearing them. Mink lashes mimic the look of your natural lashes, and they feel and look good.

When getting mink extensions, it is essential to go to a professional salon. The installation process is quite sensitive, and you need to avoid damaging the extension when installing them yourself. Check Wowcher to snap up a good deal, but don’t forget to check the reviews first!

Silk Extensions

You will notice the look of silk eyelash extensions by their intense black and shiny appearance. Just as the name suggests, they have a silky texture. It is important to note that these extensions are not made from natural silk. Silk extensions are not as light as the mink ones, but they still feel comfortable. These eyelashes are an excellent choice for those who do not want to invest in pricey mink extensions. Silk extensions do not have a real and natural look although some people might not detect that they are fake.

Silk extensions are common because they are the most affordable option. They are also easy to maintain because you do not have to wear mascara. The silky feel of the eyelashes makes them beautiful and comfortable on your face. Silk eyelashes are not as delicate as the mink ones, and you can install them on your own as long as you follow instructions correctly.

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

If your idea of eyelash extensions is to create a dramatic look, synthetic extensions are the best option. These are the cheapest option available, but they are still worth trying out. If you want to try using extensions for the first time and you do not want to invest in something expensive, try out synthetic ones. Synthetic lashes hold very well, and you might not be required to brush them or add mascara when using them.

Do not expect much when looking for synthetic eyelashes. Since they are budget eyelashes, they might not be as good as silk or mink eyelashes. They are a bit heavy, and they might feel uncomfortable when wearing them. Many people do not like the dramatic look of these lashes because of the huge and unnatural look.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which type of eyelashes you go for. What matters is that you know what to expect and they help you achieve the look you want.