Got a side-hustle?

If you do, you’re not alone.

Side-hustles are becoming so popular these days that the traditional world of work is morphing before our very eyes.

The old way of corporate domination and 9-5 rigidity is opening up to more and more start-ups, multi-hyphenates and the new gig economy.

It used to be that entrepreneurs were seen as crazy risk-loving radicals – a strange and rare breed.

These days it seems that everyone you know is setting up some kind of business venture or money-making project.

The side-hustle has gone mainstream.

And with good reason – there are lots of benefits to making a little extra income on the side. Whether this may be from a small business venture, a secondary job, or even looking at web pages such as and others similar in order to find information regarding what investments you should be making in order to have your money work for you.

Maybe your side-hustle allows you to up level your shopping or travel budget.

Or perhaps it enables you to actually start that saving plan you’ve been thinking about.

And it’s not just about the extra cash, there’s also the satisfaction of starting something from scratch and beginning to see results from your efforts – those first sales from your Shopify Plus store, or the ad enquiry that will finally monetise your blog.

The joys of the side-hustle can certainly make it a fun and worthwhile supplement to your main job.

But what if your side business could actually replace your 9-5 job?

What if you could turn that side-hustle into a ‘real business’?

Thanks to today’s technology and the power of the internet – it can be done.

There are people making fabulous incomes from ventures that began as a side-hustle, or even a hobby, often making full-time incomes from part-time hours.

Ordinary people are finding new careers, new lifestyles and new levels of success online.

From hobby blogging to in-demand Influencer.

From dabbling in dropshipping to eBay empire.

Or from favours for friends to VA superstar.

And these opportunities are available to us all – the old barriers to entry that used to limit business start-ups are fast disappearing.

Technology is making it easier and more affordable to start or grow a profitable business.

So, if you like the idea of turning your side-hustle into a successful business that supports you, the first thing you need to do is simply to decide: Is this an option for me? Is this really something I want to do? Do I want to turn my idea or project into a proper business? 

And if you’re a resounding yes to those questions, here are three tips to help you kick-start some momentum in your entrepreneurial adventures. 

Go pro

Instead of limiting your wares to your local area, why not scale up like a pro and set up a virtual store for your offerings?

If you have tech and marketing skills, you can build your own website to sell physical products or highly profitable information products, consulting or freelance services.

Or if you prefer the done-for-you option, third-party ecommerce platforms like Etsy or Shopify allow easy access to the global marketplace – an estimated 2 billion online shoppers!

It now takes very little time or money to set up your online storefront and tap into this potentially lucrative market.

And as you begin to treat your side-hustle as a genuine business, it will take on a new life of its own.

Do your homework

Even though the internet and easy-to-use selling platforms make running an online business a viable option, to start enjoying a full-time income you’ll still need to brush up on your basic business skills.

Luckily, the internet can help you here too. 

There is a wealth of information online, much of it free, that will show you how others are creating, building and running a successful online business. 

Make it part of your business plan to work on your commercial savvy and entrepreneurial talents.

Play to your strengths

Turning your side-hustle into a fully-fledged profitable business is absolutely possible and easier than ever before – but it can still take time, commitment and passion.

To give yourself the best chances of sustaining your energy and enthusiasm during the early challenges, make sure you’re setting up the right business for you. 

Ask yourself questions like; Will I really enjoy this? Will I be able to sustain this commitment? Do I believe there is a demand for this? Is this the right route or platform for me to grow my side-hustle?

Spending time with these questions and aligning your plans with your strengths and passions will give your business the best chances of success.

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to explore what options are available for your side-hustle and business goals.

All you need to do is begin looking at what’s possible and you’ll discover even more ways that you could profit from the side-hustle you love – in terms of more income, more achievement and more fulfilment.

And then as your new venture takes off and begins to supports you, you’ll have the freedom to choose how you earn your living and spend your days – the true definition of success.

It all begins with that fun little project on the side…