There are few rooms as important to the home as the bathroom. It’s where we perform most of our intimate daily rituals – but it’s also the source of many common household woes. Plumbing troubles, a higher likelihood of mold, and a lack of comfort can all take away the relaxation that allows you to really enjoy it. So, we’re going to look at how you take the stresses out of the equation and get back to bathroom bliss.

Let there be light (and space!)

Let’s start with the very physical sense of discomfort that you can experience in a bathroom that hasn’t been optimized for your enjoyment. One of the worst feelings you can experience in your own home is claustrophobia, and bathrooms tend to be among the smallest and most cramped rooms.

But even a smaller bathroom can feel a lot more spacious. Get a little Feng Shui in there and make better use of natural light, for one. If you’re redecorating a smaller bathroom, use light colors and glossy surfaces and tiles to let the light bounce around the room more freely. Instead of having to use blinds or curtains to cover the windows, think about fitting in frosted windows to maximize lighting and privacy at the same time.

Consider how you deal with clutter, too. Vertical storage solutions can be tucked under sinks, from the roof, and along the walls to make it feel like you have a lot more standing room than you actually have.

Inspire all the senses

When it comes to physical discomfort, you have to go further than how spacious or not the room feels, too. Consider the tactile side of it. Framing the window, even if it’s frosted, with plush window treatments, placing the right mats down, and keeping fresh towels hanging from hooks can take away the hard edge a bare bathroom might have.

Don’t forget the sense of smell, too. Bad smells lingering in the bathroom have a way of spoiling any chance of achieving Zen. There are plenty of aromatherapy goods you can use not just when you’re having a soak, but throughout the day, too.

Take your time and breathe

One of the most unpleasant smells is mold. But as it has a higher chance of being humid and gathering moisture, the bathroom has a higher chance of developing mold, as well. Your best bet in defeating it is making sure that your room’s well-ventilated. If you don’t have an extractor, then consider fitting one in. Directly above the shower is the best place to put it and make sure it leads outside.

If you have one but you’re starting to see signs of mold or damp, it might be a sign that you need to repair it. You can also get a wall or roof cap that closes over it when it’s not in use so dust doesn’t gather and run the risk of clogging it.

Anticipate issues and be proactive

Whether it’s the extractor breaking down, plumbing starting to leak or freeze, or water temperature or pressure getting out of control, you are going to have problems in your bathroom. They are always a possibility, so you should always be prepared. Part of that is always having the financial preparation to get repairs done as soon as possible.

Keep an emergency fund for maintenance and repair costs or have a loan lined up for when you need cash now, not tomorrow. To stop the risk of water damage in the home, make sure you know where the shutoff valve is too. However, prevention is the best cure, as they say. Getting to know issues in your bathroom before they present and investing a little time in learning DIY fixes will save you a lot of money and hassle down the line.

Give yourself the luxury treatment

How you use the bathroom matters as much as how you feel about the room itself. You’re going to start feeling a lot better about it if you take the opportunity to use it as the stress-busting tool it can be. Turn the room into a home spa by taking a bath now and then with all the pampering products you could want. Pour yourself some lemon water, through a bathroom in, and light some candles to give yourself the occasional luxury treatment. You deserve it.

Everyone deserves a bathroom that they can relax in. Unfortunately, that means you’re going to have to do a little work in it and invest in it, too. But when you can truly relax and feel completely at ease in there, you will understand that it’s entirely worth it.