From the outset it was clear that this show was based in traditional and essential skills, with impeccably made garments. However it is also clear that students at Ravensbourne are exposed to the latest and most relevant technologies in fashion such as integrated 3D CAD/CAM. This made for an inspiring and eclectic graduate show.

Grace Grier

Grier showcased sweeping sleeveless jackets in soft shades of pink and buff. The tailoring was impeccable with The use of embellishment and detail was what stood out in this collection, brooch like trinkets sat on wide lapels. Contrasted with bold polkadot print shirts in bold red. This whole collection had such a polished feel to it.

Verhonica Mateo

Strong elegance was the headline of this collection. Verhonica Mateo showed such strong silhouettes in elegant black. This was balanced with delicate abstract embroidery that added detail to an already incredible collection.

Hiu Lui

Hiu Lui clearly had a strong sense of design and innovation in this collection. Neoprene in oversized stacks wafted down the runway. The mix of shapes and colours made for an eye popping set of garments. We loved the handle like cut outs in the garments creating a different shape for the garment if held.

Gonja Belliki

Belliki showed us a sheer and solid mix like we have never seen before. We loved the deconstructed feel within this collection mixed with superb tailoring and mix of prints. Houndstooth rubbed shoulders with off grey sleeveless macs paired with sheer full arm gloves. The direction of this collection was impeccable.

Ellen Brown

Fashion Accessory Design student Ellen brown showcased her collection with a genderless agenda. Hoods, bags and belts all constructed from safety pins. We loved how it felt like a 2017 version of chain mail. A strong modern punk vibe screamed from this collection.

Katherine Howley

This collection had a heirloom chic feel to it. Beautiful print work was a highlight, with metallic Fleur-de-lis applied to deep navy faux fur creating such an unique garment Add to this brocade and pearl details we were hooked.

Samantha Hince

Volume is often a term overused, however there is no other way to describe the garments of Hince’s collection. One particular skirt that billowed down the runway was in a bold pinstripe that was cut into contrasting panels creating a unique take on a print. Pops of colour came from bold curved appliqués. An all round crowd pleaser.

Merlyn Koh

Some people say never mix navy and black, however we are agree with Marlyn Koh and adore them together. These two frenemy colours -balanced with white-  were seen on structural gowns with hoop like protrusions  that looked like monochromatic petals. Let’s hope this talent blooms even further.

Chloe Menzies

This collection was a riot of colour. Menzies balanced strong colours like yellow and orange creating a bold selection of garments that would stop traffic- and not just because of the colours- draping and layers created such drama as the pieces stormed the runway. You won’t need to look hard for this high-vis designer.

Ellen Fowles

Age and diversity were clearly on this designers mind. Showcased on older models, thee silver foxes rocked the runway in a cricket meets space man collection. With 3D hand embellishments this collection was thought provoking and just a little bit weird…

All images c/o Ravensbourne University