You might not be planning on a major renovation for your bedroom, but you might be considering giving it a little bit of a tidy up. The new year beckons a clearer mind and a decluttered living space. This extends throughout your home all the way to your bedroom. You may have a good idea of how you want your bedroom to look what with soft furnishings, loads of natural light, a fresh lick of paint, some fitted wardrobes and a mirror or two. However, have you considered what you should definitely not have in your sleeping sanctuary? Read on to find out which items you should avoid having in your bedroom.

Laptops, Smartphones, Anything With A Blue Light!

There has been plenty of media coverage about the importance of winding down before bed. That means no meaningless scrolling through your social media feeds, no watching of those cute cat videos on YouTube and definitely no playing video games on a console. To try and ensure you don’t succumb to the temptation of Facebook, you should ban all technological items from the bedroom. Even if you use your smartphone as your wake up call, swap this for a traditional alarm clock. You’ll be able to get to sleep quicker, wake up feeling alert and refreshed, and you’ll never have to go to sleep jealous of the seemingly perfect lives your social media buddies project in their filtered selfies.

Your Puppy Or Cat Or Chameleon!

While you may adore your furry little friend or your reptilian pal, you need to draw the line of affection somewhere. It shouldn’t matter how much your mutt whines or how loud your feline scratches at the door, you shouldn’t allow them to take pride of place with you in your bedroom. If you have a luxury mattress like the ones from Dreamworks Beds, you don’t want Fido clawing at the luxury fabric. If either you or your partner has allergies, the presence of your pet can make it worse, and dog hair or kitty dander all over your brand new bedspread is not a good look. Pets need to be banished from the bedroom.

Pillows, Pillows And More Pillows

If you have more than four pillows adorning your king size with maybe a cushion or two than you are overdoing it. The chances are that when you curl up for the night, you’ve launched a dozen or more plush furnishings onto the floor. While additional fabrics and textures such as throws, blankets and cushions can bring a room to life, they can also look a little silly, especially when the pillows take up the entire surface area of the bed.

Our bedrooms should be our havens of tranquility – the place we escape to when we’re feeling stressed, tired or simply need a lie-down. The environment should be calming and relaxing. Forego the electronic devices, the pets and the pillows, and you could have the most restful night’s sleep you’ve ever had.