Decluttering your closet is something that’s worth doing every so often in order for it not to get overwhelming. There’s nothing worse than standing in front of your wardrobe with nothing to wear. There are lots of ways that you can declutter your closet so that you’ve got a well organized and functional space. Here are some tips to declutter your closet.

Get Everything Out In Full View

Firstly, it’s good to get everything out in full view so you can see just what you’re working with. Try to get everything out of your closet and onto the floor or bed in your room. It might be overwhelming to look at, at first, but that’s good because you can work through it piece by piece. Yes, it might be a mess, but trust the process when it comes to decluttering. By having everything out in front of you, you’ve got the challenge of going through every single item in order to get your bedroom space back to normal. It means that you’re going to be able to declutter everything in one sitting, rather than doing it over the course of days or weeks, which is just going to make the process very boring for you.

Sort Through Your Clothing

Next, you want to sort through your clothing and separate them into different piles or bags. You’re going to have those that are going straight back into your closet, so no pile is needed for that. Then you want to put clothes aside that you’re going to sell on. Seeing as you bought them, there’s some clothing that you might want to sell because it’s a designer brand or it’s vintage and therefore, worth a bit of cash that would go nicely towards your next clothes purchases. You want another pile that you can give to your local charity shop or thrift store. And finally, for anything that’s too worn or can’t be worn by somebody else, a trash bag.

Vacuum Pack Out Of Season

Any out of season clothing should be separate from your closet. The reason for this is that you can often get frustrated at seemingly having nothing to wear if all your clothes from each season are in one place. The best way of handling this is by vacuum packing all the clothes that you don’t need and are out of season. It helps to create more space in your closet for new clothes and is a way of storing your other clothes safely and securely. Vacuum bags are also very addictive to use, and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your clothes being sucked into a small pack that can fit into small storage spaces, whether it’s underneath your bed or in another part of your closet that’s hidden away.

Make A List Of Your Wants/Needs

Now that you’ve sorted out everything from that big clothes pile on the floor or bed. It’s now time to figure out what you need. You may have chucked out a lot into the different bags, and so it’s worth noting down what you will need to purchase on your next shopping trip. It’s also good to note what you might have been missing in the first place so that you have a closet that has everything you could possibly need for clothes, no matter what the occasion. So whether you want to get some new glasses here or buy a load of basics off an online store, make sure you’ve got your to-buy list ready.

Organise Everything Correctly

Organisation is key when it comes to your closet, otherwise, it’s just going to end up in a jumbled mess, especially when it comes to closets where you need to put clothing on shelves. With those pieces that you hang on a clothes hanger, try to arrange them by colour. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a whole rack of clothes that are in colour order. It’s also worth finding a way of storing your underwear in a neat fashion and figuring out how to fold clothes properly. There are lots of online resources that can show you the different techniques that retailers will do when it comes to displaying their clothing in-store.

Decluttering your closet is a must, and if you’ve not done it in a while or can’t remember the last time you did it, it’s time to do so. Follow these tips to get the most out of your decluttering day or afternoon. You’ll be glad you did it!