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Here at PlusMinus, we are all about the New and the Now, but this is never at the expense of comfort. When it comes to shoes, we like to mix style with happy soles. Birkenstocks are everywhere, seen on countless celebrities like Instagram’s Eva Chen and actress Naomi Watts.


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This cult sandal is everywhere, and are a perennial favourite for their durability and comfort. However, this comfort doesn’t always seem possible to start with. Yes, Birkenstocks need breaking in, just like your school shoes did when you were 11. This is a very important process, which ensures you get the most comfortable sandals possible.

To help you achieve perfect comfort with your Birkenstocks we have compiled 5 tips for breaking in Birkenstocks, providing you a lifetime of happy feet.

1. Buy the right size

This may seem obvious, but if your Birkenstocks are too big or too small they just won’t work for you. The comfort and support that Birkenstocks provide come from the footbed designed with toe grips, 2 different arch supports, and heel support. Sized incorrectly, will be a recipe for disaster. We recommend that you head to a Birkenstock retailer to try your sandals on, to make sure that you get the right size.

2. Wear them with socks

We haven’t lost our minds here, socks and sandals are not trending this autumn/winter. However, a great way to break in a new pair of shoes, whilst protecting your feet from possible soreness and blisters is to wear them with socks. You can do this around the house, allowing your feet to get used to the shape of the footbed, this is especially important if you have low arches, as the moulded footbed may feel hard in this area of your foot.


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3. Wear them an hour at a time

So you have got used to your Birkenstocks with socks, now you need to go barefoot. The best way to do this is to wear them an hour at a time at home. Start doing this daily, increasing the time spent on your feet in the shoes. Increasing this by 15 minutes every other day, a week or so of this will ensure that your feet are properly used to your new Birkenstocks.

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4. Flex the soles

Okay so you have worn them in for a few days, and they are still a little uncomfortable? Well believe it or not you can twist and flex the sole where it feels the most uncomfortable. The cork soles of the Birkenstocks will accommodate gentle twisting and flexing to make the footbed more supple. If this doesn’t work- see tip number 5.

5. Hammer the footbed

Not for the fainthearted, and certainly the last resort! One of the sticking points for some people is the toe bar. If this is you, then use a small hammer or mallet tamp down on the toe bar checking to make sure you are not damaging the sole. Go gently and try not to hammer too much, or you might weaken the supporting nature of the footbed.

Cover Image from www.birkenstock.co.uk

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