Do you ever feel like your work inbox is clogged up with one too many emails and you spend more time going through them than actually doing any work? Inboxes can be daunting and you can wonder if you will ever clear your inbox, but here at PlusMinus we like to abide by these rules to keep our what could be overflowing inboxes neat and tidy….

1 – Do It

If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it there and then. Most likely it’s someone needing a file sent over or an answer to something. If you find that you’re receiving a lot of these emails throughout the day, it may be worth setting aside 15 minutes twice a day to clear them. After all, there’s nothing worse than someone ‘double’ emailing you for something so small.

We’d all rather answer emails from bed…

2 – Delete It 

Not relevant to you? Or perhaps another email asking who is free in the office for drinks tonight? Just delete them.

If you don’t want to do that, set rules to they go into a particular mailbox folder like ‘Social’ or ‘Office Bants’. Just don’t ignore that oh so important one about your menu choices for the office Christmas party.

3 – Delegate It

Not in your job remit or you feel like you’re taking too much on? Or perhaps you are too polite to say no?

The importance of getting ahead with your inbox and furthering your career is to know what you can achieve. No one wants to be seen as the eternal YES MAN or the office dogsbody, so make sure to delegate responsibilities that don’t automatically default to you. Saying no is a sign of maturity and we all know that it’s hard at first but you’ll soon get the swing of it.

Let your inbox work for you.

Kind Regards,

PlusMinus Magazine

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