Combining fragrance with fashion, Hugo Boss has gifted us again.

BOSS has unveiled a trilogy of scents that has got us running for the perfume counters. Each fragrance features images inspired by BOSS Womenswear Artistic Director Jason Wu’s debut collection; ‘the scents exquisitely reflect these impeccably tailored looks in “scented form”’. To mark the arrival of this collection, an animated digital film was produced by no other than director Steve Fuller.

Every scent is based on a different look.

BOSS Jour Pour Femme reflects the elegant ivory dress that features on its packaging. With hints of honeysuckle and white birch, this light-hearted fragrance is perfect for topping off your everyday ensemble, and preparing you for whatever the day may bring. Boss Jour is said to be based on 3 key facets, the ‘Light’ facet introducing a citrusy freshness, the ‘Inspiring’ facet adding a floral bouquet of scent and the ‘Elegantly Composed’ facet inserting musky earthy notes.

BOSS Jour Runway Edition Fragrance

The second fragrance of the collection is BOSS Ma Vie Pour Femme. Intended for the strong, independent woman, this scent combines cactus flower, rose bud and cedarwood. Based on Jason Wu’s take on a bespoke smoking jacket, it complements the tailored tuxedo and ‘evokes the daring with which the BOSS woman lives her life’.

BOSS Ma Vie Runway Edition Fragrance Rounding off the trilogy is a perfume designed to be the finishing touch to your evening gown. Inspired by the Little Black Dress, BOSS Nuit Pour Femme is the essential fragrance to complete the image of elegance. Blending violet and jasmine, the scent emits a beguiling mix of sophistication and seductiveness.

BOSS Nuit Runway Edition Fragrance

In backdrops of white, pink and black, these sleek bottles connote the elegance of the new BOSS Woman Runway Edition. To be purchased individually or as a set, each fragrance brings a unique essence of glamour and is available now. On your marks, get set, shop!