Fashion is fickle, and we are often swayed by trends and seasonal new ins. However, we all have staple items that we can rely upon. Sometimes we need that one hero item that will bring new life into our wardrobes.

Yes the time that will reinvigorate your style, change our lives and make us feel like our best selves. The thing that we are thinking about right now is a specific colour. We are talking about LIME GREEN. This is the colour that will be your saviour and will update all your current pieces to bring you bang up to trend.

Lime goes with so much, and it may seem daunting but trust us when we say, you will love it so much. Lime green is a perfect bedfellow with neutrals such as grey and camel. So perfect for summer, but will be wonderful versatile for autumn.

Keep reading to find out more about the colour you need in your wardrobe right now.

The Lime T-Shirt

The easiest way to bring this statement colour into your wardrobe is a simple tee. Yes the simple t-shirt is an effortless way to bring a new colour into your life.

We love the high quality piece from &Other Stories.

The statement blazer

Lime is a great colour to be brought in through your tailoring, and we adore this bold number. This oversized blazer will keep you smart and secure your fashion sense.

Collusion brings us so much style and we think this is great way to bring lime into our wardrobes.

The Coord Set

Lime greens are not all the same, sometimes having to match things together you can have absolute hell on! So, why not take the pressure out of your outfit scouting and pick the lime green coord. Yes Missguided has taken the pressure out of all that colour matching.

We adore this slinky silky number, which will make us feel amazing all the time.

Grab a coat

Lime will add zest to any outfit you choose, making you feel bright and wonderful. We adore this loose and casual trench that will look amazing with navy blur or tan.

The bag

We all can bring in new colours in the the accessories we wear. We adore this lime green summer string bag that will be perfect for summer days, or as a safe bag to tuck into your fave handbags.

A heel

We adore a good heel, and the perfect shoe to compliment black dresses, is lime green. Yes lime green will be a welcome addition to your shoe wardrobe.

The Jumpsuit

Now you have fully orientated yourself around the colour of the season, you are ready to fall head first into the colour. Yes the best way to rock this colour is HEAD TO TOE.

We adore this silky jumpsuit from ASOS, wide leg, elasticated waist, drop shoulder and its a floaty floaty number. Wear it now for the hot hot summer, and then into autumn over a roll neck.