For any person undertaking a home renovation, there’s plenty of inspiration online. But what if you’re dealing with a smaller than average apartment?

The big issue we have in trying to decorate an apartment is that there’s limited space to take advantage of, especially if you are renting and it’s a furnished one. So not only have you got an issue with choosing the right furniture, but you need to have a good long think about how to best lay out your apartment. So, let’s give this a go, and see the best ways to lay out a studio or small apartment.

Creating A Sense Of Separation

For anyone who has an apartment where it’s a living room and kitchen combined, this can be quite a problem layout wise. The best way to deal with these types of issues is to create some sense of separation between the two.

For that typical layout, your best approach is to place the couch as far away from the kitchen space as possible beause this helps to create a sense of definition between the two rooms. If you need that literal sense of separation between the two spaces, you are better off using a small item of furniture, something like a sideboard or side table, to create that sense of space. Suppliers like Cuckooland supply furniture that’s stylish enough to fit in with most apartments, and you can browse Cuckooland’s furniture collection at their website.

The big thing with studio apartments that don’t allow much in the way of space is that it can be frustrating looking at a constant reminder that you don’t have separate rooms. And in this respect, a small item like a sideboard might not cut the mustard. Instead, a shelving unit is your best bet for a sense of separation.

Making The Most Of Illusion

The other way to make your apartment look bigger is to employ a few tricks of the trade, such as floor to ceiling curtains or mirrors placed in strategic parts of the apartment. The mirror trick is a very commonly used illusion as it can make hallways seem longer, especially if you place a mirror at the very end of one.

Width isn’t our friend in any apartment setting, so we have to make the most of height, especially when it comes to storage. While it’s not particularly safe to store items on cupboards and pile them up, there are some accessories you can use to minimize space. There are suppliers that design furniture for small spaces. It might sound counter-intuitive, but if you have bigger pieces of furniture yet use fewer of them, it can make the place feel a lot bigger.

Small apartments are a common bugbear in the modern world, and if you are struggling with making the most of it, go for the illusion aspect. IF you can also start to find ways to separate each part of your apartment, this will give you the illusion of space without making you feel so hemmed in.