We all have our quirks. They might be dipping your fries in Cadbury’s Creme eggs around Easter time, or they could be eating scones with ketchup. There are some things we all secretly love but don’t want to talk about. 

Love Island

When Editor Jodie isn’t on a plane or exploring her new surroundings she likes catching up on the latest episode of Love Island. We’re not sure if its great TV or cringe-worthy, but it has the whole nation talking.

Becca, also, loves stalking the ex cast on Instagram, as well as terrible (but great) horror movies like The Purge. They may not be winning any Oscars anytime soon so Becca, you’re on your own with these.

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Shake It Off

Charlotte, Features Editor, has a love for Taylor Swift. 

“As a huge Kanye West fan, I can’t help but feel like a traitor but Taylor Swift’s music is just so catchy”. Taylor Swift’s fan base is more teens than twen-teens so we’ll just let Charlotte shake it off in her own time.

Cooking with Rachel

Rachel, Events Editor, is perhaps revealing a secret goal of hers as she loves to present a cooking show and talking to the ‘audience’. There is no audience in her London kitchen and she’s usually making porridge, so imagination is key here…

Almost-free diet fish and bread

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Shock! Horror!  

The most shocking of them all.

Ben, Fashion Editor has a love for Crocs. We all know them as the world’s most unfashionable shoe but we will forgive Ben on this occasion, given his ‘injury’. 

Let’s hope this croc-o-dials the fashion police. 

What are things you secretly love but don’t want to talk about?