You’ve already made the decision that he is the one. You know him better than he knows himself, from his favourite vegan brunch spot to how his favourite t-shirt. But, marriage is a big deal and with so many couples ending up in divorce there are a few things to be contemplated before entering into any union. 

So before you go ahead and start booking venue viewings and wedding dress fittings, there are some considerations and costs to consider to ensure you’re working to the right time scales, and that your wedding will be as perfect and magical as you always dreamed. 

Legal Costs 

When entering a legal contract it always worth seeking guidance and planning in the family lawyer costs required for this professional knowledge and guidance. 

This aspect of the law considers your family and relationships and will be able to guide and support you and your future family. Although marriage may seem a straightforward concept, it is always worth consulting with a family lawyer. They will be able to guide you through any legal requirements applicable within your state and make you aware of any requirements, responsibilities, and rights you may have when taking these vows. 

Married Life Expectations

You already know your significant other really well. But, getting married, sharing a house and possibly considering having a family and shift in the home dynamic are definitely topics you’ll want to discuss. Of course, in all healthy relationships disagreements and compromise will happen but it is worth having a clear understanding of the expectations you each have and share for the future, and how you envision this will play out. 

By doing this you are ensuring your starting this next chapter on the same page instantly. If you are as a couple considering children, it is also worth discussing how they will be raised. Do you both plan to work, who will raise them, are you both on board with the concept of childcare, how do you plan to discipline them. Although you may not have all the answers now, these are considerations to have, as once you have a child it can be time-consuming and draining, which can put a strain on the healthiest and strongest of relationships. 

How You Will Manage Your Finances

Money matters. It causes the most disagreements between couples. It is really important that you and your partner discuss this and have a plan or expectations of who is paying or contributing to what. 

You may also want to consider saving for those unexpected or emergency costs that seem to always arise at the least convenient times. How will you as a couple cope with this? Are you expected to save individually and cover these costs, have joint savings or will you rely on credit in these tough times? 

Also, consider any personal debts that you each may have. Once your married are they still solely your individual responsibility or will you unite to cover these costs. 

By coming up with a clear financial plan you will find that less conflict arises and you will be able to enjoy the marital bliss you have envisioned.