There are certain jobs that you’re just going to be watching the clock with. The jobs that feel like not just the afternoon, but the morning as well, is going painfully slow. The jobs that you really do have to stop yourself from quitting every morning when your alarm goes off. Is this really the career life you would want? Do you fit the bill here, and think that you need a different job? Well, you’re not going to be alone. Almost half of the population are only in the job because of the money, not because they’re happy being there. If you’re going to look for a new job, you’re going to need it to be one that’s going to make the day go so quickly, that you don’t even need to look at the clock. Now, we know that jobs like this are few and far between, so here’s a few that we think you’re going to like!


Driving is something that passes the time in everyday life, so we can almost guarantee that it’ll make your working day go quick. There’s so many different driving jobs that you could take on as well. For one, you could do delivery driving for a company, either using your own car, or a company van. It might not be the most glamourous of roles, but it definitely will make the day go quick as you will be hired on a target basis. There are so many others that Pure Staff driving jobs agency can show you, it all depends on what hours you want to work, and what type of vehicle you want to drive. If you’re going to drive one of the big lorries, and you’re willing to work nights, then you could make such a nice living from it, and all whilst driving along and seeing different parts of the country. Some companies offer better rates of pay than others, and better packages to keep you interested.

Care Work

Care work is either something that you’re really going to take to, or you’re just going to hate. The best line of care work to go into is nursing. Either private nursing, or done through a national hospital will be fine. The days go so quick because there’s just so many people that are going to need your attention. It’s one of the few roles where you really will get some job satisfaction from helping people, and your skills will be tested on a daily basis.

Holiday Rep

Something a little fun to finish. A holiday rep is such a fun job to do if you’re looking for a short amount of time. It usually involves going to a different country and being positioned in a hotel. You’re then the holiday rep for all of the people who have booked through the company you’re repping for. It’s your job to give them advice, book them excursions and nights out, and have a lot of fun with them. It might not be the best paid,  but it’s a few months on holiday, in lovely weather, and meeting new people!