Car ownership can be an expensive business. As well as the cost of the car itself, there’s the additional burden of routine servicing, repairs and refuelling. As such, car-buyers need to sometimes make compromises when it comes to their purchasing decisions. But compromise needn’t mean driving around in a vehicle that doesn’t look the part. Here, we’ll assess a few of the stylish, yet affordable, options available to British motorists – many of which can be leased from ZenAuto

BMW 2 series coupe

This BMW marks the lower end of the German giant’s impressive output, coming in at just a few grand more than the 1-series. Every model comes with impressive seventeen-inch alloy wheels, along with LED headlights and rear parking sensors. The bodywork, meanwhile, is of the distinctive standard that you’d expect from a manufacturer of this calibre. 

Mercedes A class

The Mercedes A-class is now in its fourth generation. It’s effortlessly classy, and packs plenty of automotive power under the bonnet. The interior is a joy, and there’s a built-in infotainment system that’s a match for some of the pricier models. With that said, you’ll pay a little more for this than you would for some of the others on this list. 

VW Golf

Offering adaptive suspension, excellent manoeuvrability, and the option of a hybrid engine, this is a vehicle with much to offer the modern motorist. With that said, it isn’t without its flaws. The infotainment could be a little more intuitive, and the interior a bit plusher and more spacious. Being as it is cheaper than the others on this list, these are minor quibbles.

Audi TT

As it ever was, the Audi TT is fantastic fun to drive, and comes with a pleasingly spacious boot for a car of this size. The engineers at Audi have, however, had to make compromises in order to achieve this. Spend a journey in the rear passenger seats, and you’ll understand where they’ve been made – things are pretty cosy back there. When you’re considering the price of the car, be sure to factor in optional extras – as you’re sure to want plenty of them.

Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S is an icon of British (and indeed, German) design. There are several versions of the car to choose from, come of them providing competition for the more illustrious names. For the money, you’ll get a formidable engine and a fantastic interior – though somehow the driving experience doesn’t quite match up to the size and power of the car. This might be largely due to the clunky nature of the gearbox.