With spring approaching, you might be considering having a good old fashioned Spring Clean; a chance to get out the old and bring in the new that creates an incredible energy feeling once completed.

Many people view Spring Clean’s to be just that, a deep clean… but the term shouldn’t just focus on cleanliness, as Spring is a time of positive change and renewal – it’s a chance to replace the old with the new and once your home is perfectly cleansed and revitalised you can reward yourself by living the highlife and splurging on something like a bespoke home cinema system which seem to be the way home entertainment is going.

One thing’s for sure, at some point you’re going to need to get rid of the clutter and that includes furniture that’s passed its best, unwanted items, and even garden waste.  This can be a hasslesome or quite expensive process, but it doesn’t need to be – there are several ways that getting rid of unwanted furniture can offer a bit of extra cash to pay for your new items, or at the very least, can provide a free way to dispose of unwanted items without any additional cost or hassle.


There are a number of places you can sell your furniture online.  Listings websites such as Gumtree that offer a classified ad format where you can include a description of the item along with tantalising photographs – indeed, it’s often photographs that sell the item and ads without photos are often passed by.  

The two main considerations people using Gumtree will have are proximity and deliverability; firstly, they’ll want to make sure that you are local to them – so make sure you advertise in the right section of the website.  

Secondly, the number one concern people using these websites express is how to get the item from the seller – particularly if it’s a large item of furniture… it can therefore be helpful to point potential buyers to local delivery resources within your area.

The alternative to classified ads are online auctions such as eBay.  There are more specialist auction sites around, but as eBay has the most prolific user base it is recommended to list the item on this site as it is likely to get the most attention.  Importantly, you’ll want to set a reserve price which is the minimum price you’ll allow the item to be sold for – as if you fail to do this, you could end up selling the item for just a few dollars, even if it’s worth several hundred.  

Again, photos are the best form of advertisement as most users won’t read through lengthy paragraphs of text describing the item, and as the popular saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.


Donating your old furniture allows you to get rid of couches, chairs, dressers and other large items without having to cart them to the tip or pay for them to be removed, whilst helping other people that are in need of furniture for their home.  You could consider donating to a local shelter, furniture bank, or the Salvation Army.  The majority of charities have facilities to collect items at zero cost.  In the alternative, there are websites such as freecycle where you can list items that are free to collector.


There’s often no need to get rid of unwanted furniture when you can upcycle it and convert it into something more attractive.