‘Sky Garden’, also known as the ‘walkie talkie’ due to it’s distinctive shape, has long been one of our favourite hang-out spots in London.  A five minute walk from Bank station, the skyscraper offers breakfast, lunch, tea, cake, dinner (you name it, they do it) in beautiful floral surroundings. Think Botanical Gardens, only a million miles high and with a 360 degree view of London surrounding you. And when we found out that they offer rooftop yoga classes each morning for the bargain price of £10 a head, we couldn’t think of a better way to start the day.

Okay, so admittedly, when our alarms went off at 5am to travel half way across the city for the 6.30am class on a Wednesday, we did have our reservations. It was pitch black and, aside from a bleary-eyed receptionist and a handful of other sleepy zombies – sorry yogis – the whole area was deserted. But once we reached the top, adrenaline kicked in and we became aware of the quiet, excited buzz that filled the room.

The venue hosts different yoga teachers, and on this day lovely yoga instructor and life coach Charlie Morgan was hosting. There is a strict policy on bringing your own yoga mat and we highly recommend you leave yourself notes around your house to remind yourself to bring yours. One girl had forgotten hers and was forced to do the whole practice on the stone cold floor. Everyone else set their mats down and Charlie introduced us to the class, explaining that these classes are tailored towards all ages and abilities. Never yoga’d before? Don’t be deterred.

As we downward dogged, the sun rose in front of us, and we watched as the whole of London began to wake up. It goes without saying that the beauty of such an experience makes every last penny worth it, and it’s moments like these that make you fall in love with the city all over again. London can be fast and hard and relentless, but waking up early and taking time to prepare yourself for the day ahead allows you to ground yourself and get ready for whatever is thrown your way.

The hour flew by, and by the end we felt not only awake, but inspired for the day ahead. It is amazing how powerful and in control you can feel when you are standing at the top of a skyscraper in the centre of London at 7am. One thing we would note is that, because of the high ceilings and glass surrounding it, the room remains very cold, and it’s best to bring a jumper to practice in so that you feel comfortable throughout the practice.

For an additional £10, we had signed up for the continental buffet breakfast  upstairs in the ‘Darwin Brasserie’. After a long morning, we filled up on as many pastries, bowls of granola and coffee we could fit on our stomachs. There is no rush, and you can sit for as long as you want, enjoying the view of the river from the other side of ‘Sky Garden’.

We seriously cannot recommend their £20 yoga and breakfast deal enough. Take your mum, take your friends, take your cat (actually don’t – cats aren’t allowed… but you get the idea). A must-must do in London, skip the mile-high club this summer and join Sky Garden’s yoga-high club instead.

For more information and to book please visit https://skygarden.london/event/sunrise-yoga-breakfast