Last week we kicked off our male fashion series by talking to Benji Heath, founder of Twenty First Century Gent, about the limits of creativity, the development of male blogging and the reason why London is where it’s at.

This week we have another male blogger to share all with you. Styled in a Gibson London top and Levi’s jeans, Adam Walker took to the streets of East London with for a chat and shoot. Here’s what happened…

Introducing Adam Walker: The Male Stylist

Adam Walker The Male Stylist

Adam started his blog, The Male Stylist, just over a year ago in May 2014. He focuses on creating a timeless wardrobe made up of quality pieces that can be worn for years to come. Alongside his fashion posts, Adam also gives his readers honest insights about the latest male beauty and grooming products.

Creating new outfits, and finding the inspiration for them,  is both exciting and enriching

I think I’ve been interested in fashion for most of my early adult life. The idea of presenting yourself and expressing yourself through style and appearance is not only very interesting for me, but also an opportunity to be creative on a day-to-day basis.

This was an outfit I was quite excited about

It incorporates summer items and Mediterranean themes in a simple way. The statement made by the contrast between the long-sleeve polo top and the jeans is complemented by the brown suede shoes to create a comfortable and classic look.

Adam Walker The Male Stylist male blogger

Some of the pressures that women have faced for decades are now being felt by men

I think men are certainly more interested in how they present themselves to the rest of the world. We should be looking into personal style as something that we are passionate about rather than merely tolerate.

More focus is being placed on subtlety rather than overly loud trends

I think fashion has moved away from more casual attire and now focuses on slightly smarter elements (though that is a personal opinion). It’s certainly an era of fashion that I can get along with!

Some of my favourite brands are…

In terms of high-end brands, I’m a big fan of Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford and Oliver Sweeney. The latter two provide contemporary styles with classic twists that I really like. In terms of everyday basics and foundations I like Zara, for their slightly edgier designs, and T.M. Lewin, for their modern tailoring styles.

Adam Walker The Male Stylist male blogger

I decided to start my blog in May 2014 and honestly haven’t looked back

I figured that I wanted to start talking about men’s style in a way that spoke to men of all ages – men who didn’t want to be slaves to current trends and instead wanted to create personal styles that would last them a lifetime.

The blogging community has been very welcoming

Some of the most prominent male bloggers readily communicate with the newest members. It’s particularly great to chat to men who have different style ideas and influences; I’ve managed to gain new perspectives on my own styles through simply talking to other male bloggers and it’s really changed my styling techniques.

Adam Walker The Male Stylist male blogger

Social media has created an audience that are keen to learn

They want to hear other people’s opinions. Blogging has created a reliable platform where readers can return to a site to educate themselves and communicate with the author. In fashion it has promoted individuals who are proud of their personal styles and work hard at communicating their knowledge and expertise to readers on a regular basis.

I think London really promotes self-expression in all forms

That is particularly true in terms of fashion. I have friends who come over from the US who say that people here are much better at expressing their individual styles. It also helps that London hosts one of the top fashion weeks in the world as well as a variety of fantastic designers/retailers.

The Male Stylist Adam Walker male blogger