Since the pandemic hit, many companies and organizations adapted to the new normal by introducing work schedules that involve working from home. Working from home is indeed appealing; you don’t have to dress up, and you don’t have to deal with that annoying colleague every day.

Why Is Working From Home Stressful?

Maintaining a work and home balance can be quite challenging. Meeting the usual deadlines can be difficult due to the plethora of distractions that exist in your home.

Some people are used to the usual human interaction within the workplace; therefore, a lack of this can aggravate anxiety levels. Working from home also translates to no separation between your work time and social time. You might find yourself working over the weekends or even late in the evening.

The lack of movement or transition to a workplace can also lead to unhealthy eating habits.

How Can You Effectively Manage Stress and Maintain Productivity?

Prioritize and Organize

You must develop a working schedule to help you attain a perfect work-life balance. Make a to-do list every morning and adhere to it. For incomplete tasks at the end of the day, be sure to make them a priority the next day before taking up new tasks.

Create a Routine

Your body and brains are programmed neurochemically to have daily routine cycles. From the time you go to bed to the time you consume your meals. A shift in the normal routine can result in reduced productivity, anxiety, or lethargy.

You can replicate your normal working schedule to help you achieve a balance at the end of the day.

Create a ritual that would mark the start and the end of your day. Set a time when you would be breaking for meals. If you have trouble sleeping at night, here’s a guide on how to get adequate rest to prepare you for the next day.

Exercise and Dieting

Regular exercise is a natural way of managing stress. Aerobic exercises can help you release endorphins, promote circulation in your body and eventually boost your moods. Staying active helps keep your mind alert. 

Set a timer for mini-breaks for you to stretch or take a walk around the house. You can also use this time to take up a mini chore.

You can subscribe to various diet plans to boost your nutrition as you work from home. Bloggers such as Katie Rollins, offer nutritious options like ketones to help you stay healthy. Sugary and fatty foods can make you feel lethargic, which eventually reduces your productivity.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Working from home indeed has its challenges. It might be hard matching up to the type of productivity you experience while working from an office. You need to manage your expectations and handle one task at a time.

If you find yourself drifting and spending a little too much time on social media, don’t harshly criticize yourself. Use that time to take a break.

Connect With Your Colleagues

It is common for you and your colleagues not to interact as much as you used to as you work remotely. Having constant communication with your workmates plays a vital role in boosting your productivity.

Encourage your colleagues to conduct regular work meetings to discuss the progress of various projects and brainstorm solutions to shortfalls you may be experiencing.

The pandemic seems to be here to stay. Most workplaces are transitioning to remote working, and so should your lifestyle. Take note of the above points to help you maintain a productive work-life balance from the comfort of your home.