Ah, love. It is the most maddening aspect of life. When you’re in the throes of a new romance, the whole world can feel bright — it is simply the best. But then, if that love comes to an end, then, well, things are not quite so good. It can feel as if the whole world has turned to grey. While it might not feel like it when it first happens, things will eventually get better — time heals all wounds, after all. There are things you can do to accelerate the process, however.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the most effective ways to put your broken heart behind you. 

Allow Yourself to Wallow

You’re not going to get back on the horse straight away. If you try to act as if nothing has happened, then eventually, you’ll struggle. When you’re going through an intense emotional experience, sometimes the only option is to go with it. In the days following your break up, allow yourself to wallow in all the misery it can bring. Take time off your work, load Netflix, and binge on your favourite snacks. In a few days, you can rejoin society, but for now? Embrace that misery. 

Block Him or Her

You will be extremely tempted to get in touch with your ex at one point or another. Nobody gets the chance to say everything they wanted to say during a breakup. So why not use the wonders of modern communication to get that message across? Or so goes the thinking. It’s best, however, to resist that temptation. All you’re doing is prolonging the healing process. If it’s really over, then block him or her and focus on yourself. This will also prevent them from getting in touch with you. This is one of the hardest things to do, but it is very effective — perhaps the most effective! Also, don’t stalk their social media profiles. It’ll never satisfy.


Rather than looking back at what might have been, you can use this period to focus on yourself. A lot of people lose themselves in relationships, and it’s only when they get out that they realise that they could have been doing so much more for their own happiness. Well, now’s the time. It doesn’t really matter what you do, so long as it pushes you forward in one way or another. This could be working out, taking a class, improving your cooking skills, or anything else.

Time With Friends

There’s much to love about your friends at the best of times, but they really come into their own when you’re going through a difficult patch. One of the reasons why breakups hurt so much is because all of a sudden, we can feel very alone in this world. However, that’s not the case. If you have loving friends and family around you, then how can you be lonely? You’ll find that spending an evening with them, just talking and laughing and enjoying the good life, is a remedy that can help like nothing else. 

Meeting New People

Yes, you can feel like you’ve lost the one true love that you’ll ever have. But guess what? That’s not the case. There really are plenty of other fish in the sea. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are: you will meet someone new. You can attend events that have you interacting with people, or sign up with an over 40s dating agency. Whatever approach you take, you’ll find that there’s a lot of value in meeting other people. You could meet the love of your life, or you might not — but pretty soon, you’ll learn that you might just have a positive future in love after all.

Thankful it Happened 

Finally, be thankful that the relationship happened. This is one of the most difficult things, because it can feel like there’s nothing to be thankful for. But is that really true? If the breakup hurts enough that you’re in misery, then there must have been something special about the connection that you had. You may have done things and met people that you would never otherwise have done had you not met your ex. It didn’t work out, but so what? You can still cherish the connection that you had. And also, you might also be thankful that it’s over — yes, it hurts, but it’s over for a reason. In the not too distant future, you might find that the breakup was the best thing for you.