Pam Hogg is an institution, up there with Westwood. She is a disrupter and a behemoth in British fashion, with an incredible sense of fun that is dark and sexy.

Having a ticket to this show is not enough, oh no. This show is probably one of the hottest tickets of London Fashion Week. Anyone who is anyone is at Pam Hogg’s fantasy world, and guess what, we were there just for you.

As always this was a true spectacle for onlookers. Whilst the Sun may have completely misunderstood this collection, titling their coverage “Pam Hogg models wear see-through bodysuits that reveal their nipples and fake pubic hair at London Fashion Week” whilst this is somewhat accurate, it went a lot deeper than that.

Hogg is not holding back with this collection, using her signature tulle and a penchant for the see-through to push her agenda. The body suits were joined this season by studded leather, suede, silk, faux fur and some beautiful non-sheer garments.

Beyond all the tulle and see-through dresses, there was a core group of garments that were incredibly wearable. With Hogg creating shapes that would work for all, not just Alice Dellal. We adored the sexy pencil skirts, which gave not only modesty, but super style. Please don’t even get us started on the jumpsuits in yellow and green, which really were the star of the show.

The colours used were signature Hogg, but this season saw a bolder sense of joy and playfullness. Pastels mingled with black and white matched with bold spicy reds and yellows.

This show saw a continuation of Hogg’s legacy, but with a fresh fervour that we adored.

P.S. : we really really need a studded beret, so we will be in touch Pam, all the love Team PM xoxo