We are well into the warmer months. When it comes to dressing we are looking for a slice of summer all the time. With clothes that evoke the smell of sea and sun, the brand we are bringing you today does just that.

Introducing Ergon Mykonos a ready to wear brand that is effortless and chic. This label “represents the fusion of arts, styles, cultures and eras and is always open to new additions and challenges.”

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Marietta, Creative Director and Founder of the brand has forged a strong love of Architecture along with design.

“The story behind each collection by Ergon Mykonos comes from the images and tales of Greek mythology, elements & materials of our rich past & is customised to the contemporary, minimal aesthetic & artistic glance of the designer.”

We want to get to know the brand better. So we caught up with the designer to give you the inside scoop.

Could you describe Ergon Mykonos in 5 words?

Dynamic , Avant Garde , Fashion, Creative and Heritage.

We adore the nod to greek culture in your clothing, can you describe where you draw your inspiration from?

The story behind each collection  comes from the images and tales of Greek mythology. Elements and materials of Greece’s historic past. All these are customised to the present in a contemporary, minimal aesthetic and artistic glance that I want to express in all my designs.

We have a rich history that contributes to our present inspiration and brings joy and optimism to each and every collection that I design.

What is the favourite part of creating Ergon Mykonos?

The feeling that people will see my designs in the stores and love them. Every piece that I design includes a little bit of our heritage, pays tribute to the philosophy and to the ancient spirit that is alive until now inside all of us.

I wish that my enthusiasm is passed on the buyers, excites them and create a different experience each time.

What do you love about fashion in 2019?

I am excited with the fact that fashion, especially the  last couple of years, is more open and free letting people decide what to wear and how to wear it breaking paradigms of the past.

For example the huge trend of sneakers that has invade our lives and can be worn with almost all outfits and yet be stylish.

What do you think fashion could do better in 2019?

Fashion has always being progressing according to social changes. What we see in fashion is how we live our everyday lives. Our needs, our schedules give inspiration to designers.

Fashion now more than ever before is breaking conservative rules of styling, contemporary designers are doing anti fashion. I think that fashion should be sustainable, respectful and cautious to the needs of the segment it stands for.

What is your favourite piece in your current collection?

That’s an easy one, Isidora pant for sure, in all our versions because it has an essence of 80’s, its easy to wear from morning to night outfits. I can wear Isidora with sneakers or high heels and still be elegant and attarctive.

Do you have any advice for people who want to run their own business?

They should be genuine to their original idea, try to offer something new, have a clear brand DNA and work really hard with patience. Nothing is done easily and quickly

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