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 Main image: Jeometric at Not on the High Street

Oh, beautiful copper! This interior trend with its blush, warming tones have allowed designers and homeowners to experiment with an array of new looks and textures over the past few years. While chrome has the tendency to seem clinical and cold and gold teeters on the edge of tacky, copper has been a breath of fresh air. Copper provides a sophisticated but understated element of ‘cool’ to any space and is a great way to soften a scheme with industrial elements.

The main strands we have seen for this trend are:

Beaten Metal – seen mostly on crockery

Brushed Metal – for cutlery and lamps

Wire – for picture frames, mirrors and occasion furniture

As a firm favourite with many homeowners and with its affordability, there has been a high demand for copper products, both on the high street and on the luxury market. But has the copper trend peaked? And is it coming to an end? Well, the answer to that question is not so straightforward….


Credit: Cuckooland

Some leading experts say that copper is on the way out, but some say it is still alive and kicking – and what wonderful news that is!

What is notable, though, is that this trend is now moving away from the polished look and designers are now mixing copper with other materials to create a multi-textured look. The idea is to give a twist to the traditional copper and develop a complete unique and different concept.

We’re also now seeing more copper hints used throughout a space – for example, copper coloured handles, accessories and appliances. This gives you an alternative choice to stainless steel and black, adding some much needed colour and texture to your home.

Copper_ Oliver Bonas

Credit: Oliver Bonas

For those who are ready to ditch copper and like to strictly follow the latest Interior trends, there’s also good news: according to John Lewis’ most recent retail report, our fondness for metallic finishes throughout 2016 will continue throughout 2017.

The metal of choice though will now be brass, rather than the rose-tinted copper. Brass is making a big comeback with its warm hues and vintage retro look. It also evokes that Seventies mood which is back with a bang this year.

But before we surrender completely to the brass trend, it appears many won’t let the copper trend go – even a large number of our favourite brands. Take a look at what’s available and you will currently see an equal amount of copper and brass home accessories on offer. Our advice? Keep it simple and choose what you like.

Depending on the colour palette, the look and feel of your scheme will be the deciding factor when choosing between copper and brass. Both these metals have their place in a home setting, so why not use both in different areas of the home.

With all the conflicting design advice out there, never be afraid to choose décor trends that you personally like. It doesn’t have to be the latest trend – it’s your home and it’s your choice. As trends change so quickly throughout the years, it can be very difficult to keep up.

That said, the copper trend though is one that has the ability to remain in style for many years to come, even when you are told it is out of fashion! Right now, however, for most of us it is still hot topic, so go and enjoy all that copper has to offer.

If you are still crazy for copper, check out these gorgeous finds below…..


*Copper effect hanging mirror, £12, B&Q

*Urban easy fit copper glass pendant, £49.80, Dar Lighting Group

*Black and copper effect bowl, £2.50, Wilko

*Pastel green and copper Cult Design Moda bar stool, £119, Cult Furniture

*Copper house magazine rack, £32, Oliver Bonas

*Umbra Paradise copper wall décor, Red Candy

*Dean table lamp, £69, MADE

*Umbra Tesora jewellery box, £30, Black By Design Ltd

Copper_Copper & Hall

Credit: Copper & Hall at Not on the High Street