Are you still having discussions with people that climate change isn’t real? Is, by any chance, the setting in which you are having these discussions a sweltering sun with you and your dialogue partner almost at the point of melting and leaving no more than a pile of smouldering ash on the pavement? It’s hard to believe that up to this day, there are still people denying the very existence of something that has most (97%) of scientists agree is a real and very existential danger. And even if you can agree it is very real, you might still have people saying they are waiting for a miracle cure from science. It’s a discussion that might leave you feeling a bit of despair, to say the least.

Luckily people are waking up to this danger and are actively making lifestyle changes to help contribute to a better tomorrow. If you are searching for ways to contribute, the internet offers a multitude of solutions and lifestyle changes that makes sure you aren’t worsening the problem and help leave the planet in better shape for our children and our grandchildren. 

Here are the key topics. 

Gas & Coal

We still burn too much fossil fuel, either to fire up our stoves and boilers, or to generate electricity, or to move our automobiles. This is a profound way we are putting harmful gasses in the atmosphere, which in turn is contributing to climate change. Recent news has shown that the so-called holes in our ozone layer is recovering, but it’s going to take time before it’s fully restored. We need to make sure we do everything to speed up this process. Kicking the use of gas and coal on the consumer level is an excellent way to go. This means replacing your stove with an electric one, transitioning from a gas boiler and radiator system to an electrical panel heater for example, and installing solar panels. 


On the topic of solar panels, try switching energy supplier to one that is completely green, only using renewables such as solar and wind. Invest in good insulation for your home and consider investing in a solar boiler. The key is to eliminate your direct usage of gas and coal, and consider where you are indirectly using these types of fuel. If an electric car is out of reach, consider taking public transport. These are just a few suggestions for you to cut your direct and indirect usage of fossil fuels.


Next, to the consumer element of gas & coal usage, there is also the industrial side of things. One of the main culprits of climate change is the agricultural industry. Driven by consumer demand for meat, that needs to be bigger and cheaper, we, as consumers, have inadvertently created a polluting behemoth that seems impossible to change. And as improbable as change seems, we should try. This means either cutting our meat consumption down to modest numbers or cutting it out completely. As long as there is a demand for bigger and cheaper meat, we will be unable to entice big agriculture to change its ways. Change truly starts with ourselves. And ask yourself, if we aren’t able to say no to that 2nd or 3rd patty on a burger, do we really deserve this planet?