Making money doing something you love is the dream- and if you’re passionate about makeup, cosmetics and beauty in general then there are plenty of options for you to do just this. Here are five examples for going about it!

Start a blog

Blogging makes a fantastic hobby, you get to share your love and knowledge of a subject with other like minded people. You can talk about everything from product reviews to tutorials to help and advice- there are loads of post topics to get creative with. Over time, your site will begin to establish an authority on the web and advertisers will begin to contact you to work with you. It can take time, but stick with it and the opportunities will come. In the meantime you can enjoy sharing your thoughts and improving your skills by writing, designing, taking photos and networking for your site. 

Become a Youtuber

If you like the idea of sharing your thoughts and opinions but writing it all down isn’t for you, why not open a Youtube channel? You can share content but through videos, if your main interest is makeup looks and showing people how to apply makeup then this format will make the most sense. As with blogging, in time as your channel gains viewers it will also grab the attention of companies wanting to work with you. 

Open your own beauty business

Opening your own salon or becoming a mobile makeup artist could be a really fun and rewarding business. There are also now more manufacturing companies out there than ever before, such as private label skin care companies that can help you create the perfect product for the business you are imagining. You could focus on bridal makeup, party makeup for groups and even offer other services too such as lashes, brows and spray tanning. First you’ll need to get qualified, so beauty therapy courses online or at local colleges And then build up your experience, you could offer reduced cost treatments to loved ones which benefits them and allows you to get plenty of practice in. Eventually, you could have your very own business applying makeup to clients. Another alternative would be to hold makeup classes or one-on-one lessons for makeup application.

Sell beauty products for a profit

If you love makeup but feel that you don’t necessarily have the skills to apply it to clients or even talk about it on a platform like a blog or Youtube, how about buying and selling for a profit? Lots of makeup products can be bought cheaply, when brands discontinued products for example they end up being sold on for much less. If you can get your hands on these kinds of products you could sell them on for a profit. One idea would be to offer bundles- for example, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow palette and lipstick for a set price. It’s cheaper than the customer would pay RRP but feels novel and you can put more of a profit on it. You could make gift bags, boxes or hampers which sell well especially at times like Christmas, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day. Use your imagination and make it fun.