There is no denying the fact that fashion is a big business. However, the consensus is that this industry shouldn’t be causing any harm. The concept of veganism is something that more people are aware of in the food industry, yet it has had slower traction in the fashion industry. Well here at PlusMinus we have brought you many articles on the subject;

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However today we want to focus on UK based vegan clothing brands, looking at companies and organisations that operate in our own glorious country. This adds even more benefits because you will be shopping from a local brand, reducing the environmental impact even further which is amazing. The less impact our clothing has, the better it is for our amazing planet.

So with that in mind, we have rounded up the best vegan clothing brands: UK edition.


Thought began with friends David and John in the heat of Australia in 1995, with their desire to wear natural, cool clothing. This then turned into a capsule collection made of sustainable ramie and hemp. This has blossomed into a successful and sustainable business. They use Tencel, Hemp and Cotton. Which are all completely natural animal-free materials. They also use sustainable and completely humane wool in their clothing. With a great selection of easy casuals, Thought is a bohemian eco M&S.

Plant Faced Clothing

Streetwear label Plant Faced Clothing create fun and unique streetwear bringing humour to the market. Using organic cotton and water-based ink this vegan brand have a creative stance on vegan clothing. We love the “I don’t got no beef cos I don’t eat no meat” sweater inspired by Die Antwood as well as their “Kale em’ with kindness” tee.


The luxury market also loves the planet as much as we do, and Shrimps is a great Vegan brand. The brand revolutionised the faux fur market with beautiful high-quality cruelty-free coats in a plethora of colours and shapes. This has turned into a fully developed brand offering ready to wear and even dipping its toes into homeware. We will take one of everything.


London based Komodo has an extensive range of vegan clothing, they say they are “Designing collections with just the right balance of contemporary and timeless style. Sourcing the finest quality natural fibres and innovative eco fabrics, to provide a tangible alternative to the culture of fast fashion that has become so prevalent today.” They use a huge range of sustainable fabrics including rayon, eco-cashmere, and Tencel.


Palava gives vegan clothing a vintage twist. With a unique and retro aesthetic, Palava is a great alternative. They make quirkily printed dresses crafted from organic cotton, linen and Tencel, using the best quality, eco-friendly fabrics to produce their collections. With bold prints featuring motifs such as sausage dogs and Pheasants, we love the unique and fun ideas behind this brand.